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Dream interpretation of confession of love

A confession of love can be a tricky thing. If you want to do one yourself, you go through all possible situations in your mind beforehand. How will the other react when one "I love you" says? Where should the confession take place? All of these things are on your mind. And how do you react when you get a confession of love yourself? It surely comes with joy and reciprocation from the right person. But what if it's the wrong person?

Such thoughts can also occupy us in our dreams. Especially when there is a specific reason for it. But how can the dream symbol "love confession" be interpreted if this is not the case? What does the dream interpretation know here?

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Dream symbol "love confession" - the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation distinguishes in the interpretation of the dream symbol "love confession", whether the dreaming explains himself or whether he gets one and one experiences "he loves me" or "she loves me".

If the dreaming makes a love confession to another person in the dream, it can on the one hand be his strong gratitude express to this person. The dreaming should give in to this feeling in the waking world and let words follow his connection. This person may have been waiting for such a gesture for a long time.

On the other hand, a confession of love on the part of the dreaming as a dream symbol can illustrate that in his dream Feelings have become aware that he has previously denied or ignored in the waking world. In the waking life he should ask himself what exactly he feels about this person and then act on it.

If the dreaming himself receives a confession of love in the dream, this can generally considered one unfulfilled wish symbolize. Maybe he longs for exactly this situation in the waking world, because he has deep feelings for this person and has not yet dared to reveal himself. Especially if the dreaming accepts the confession of love, this interpretation of the dream symbol is underpinned again.

The refusal of a confession of love in the dream can, however, according to the dreaming according to his wish freedom and Freedom point out. He doesn't want to make any commitments or closer ties right now, but rather enjoy his life the way it is.

Dream symbol "love confession" - the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, a love confession in a dream primarily symbolizes the need for praise and recognition. The dreaming feels not enough considered in the waking world. In his opinion, his achievements are not sufficiently recognized and praised.

Sometimes the dream symbol "confession of love" can also refer to a emotional emptiness indicate inside the dreaming. He wants nothing more than to be loved and accepted by those around him. The dreaming should communicate these emotions to his familiar people. Because only in this way can he experience support in the waking world.

Dream symbol "love confession" - the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual side of the dream interpretation sees in the dream symbol "love confession" a symbol for the Danger and Admiration, which the dreaming feels towards another person.