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Union after the 2: 5 against Eintracht Frankfurt : "That's why the whole world doesn't have to collapse"

He didn't have to console Robert Andrich the evening before, Urs Fischer assured him on Sunday afternoon. The day before, the 1. FC Union midfielder had provided the decisive moment in the 2: 5 defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt with his spectacular own goal, but Andrich had to be able to deal with that, according to his coach. “Such situations happen in football, you have to accept them. That's why the whole world doesn't have to collapse, ”said Fischer the day after.

After the own goal, the Union defense collapsed only for a short but very expensive phase, conceding three goals within six minutes just before the break and thus giving up the game. But the world was still okay, and Fischer on Sunday was still in relatively good spirits. As annoying as the defeat in Frankfurt was, it can at least be explained, and that alone is not a disaster.

According to Fischer, the defeat had two main reasons. In the first half, his team lacked the usual compactness and "we behaved naively in the six minutes," said the coach. In the second, the Berliners “negligently dealt with our options”. In the end, his team was three goals worse than the opponent with a lot of chances.

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Despite the recently skyrocketing expectations, Union ultimately remains a team that is playing something beyond its possibilities this season and is therefore sometimes shown its limits. But that doesn't have to mean a crisis, especially since the Köpenicker have often reacted very well to setbacks this season. Again, Fischer doesn't see the defeat as just a bad thing. “You don't really want to lose, but I do believe that you learn a little more from defeats than from wins,” said the coach. The fact that they now have a 14-day break because of the international matches is also an advantage. "It's good for the boys to clear their heads."

Good sign for the next few weeks

This is especially true for those players who travel to their national team. With six nominees, Union is providing more players than hardly before in this international match period, which is also evidence of the general positive development in Köpenick. “In the end, it's a performance by the player,” said Fischer on Sunday, but it is in fact also a sign that he as a coach and Union as a club are making their players better. For example, Marcus Ingvartsen has developed so strongly this season that he can now look forward to a possible international debut for Denmark.

That is also a good sign for the next few weeks. The rest of the program will demand a lot from Union, and right after the international break there will be the first big test with the city derby against Hertha BSC. “We know how to deal with such phases. That has always worked in the past, ”said the coach.

That was the case, for example, when Union lost the latest derby after a strong start to the game and a crucial mistake by Robert Andrich, but immediately afterwards still fought for good results against Bayern Munich, Stuttgart and Borussia Dortmund. These days it can sometimes seem like the world is about to collapse. But it is certainly not because 1. FC Union loses a game one day.

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