Who Googles Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: found a lookalike in Seattle?

What is it like to be called Taylor Swift? A Seattle photographer knows all too well.

Taylor Swift's name is known worldwide. In the last few years in particular, she has become one of the most influential and popular singers in the world. So it's no wonder that the Taylor Swift name means something to almost everyone. A photographer from Seattle knows his way around particularly well, because his name is exactly the same.

Taylor Swift is a photographer

Taylor Swift is a professional photographer and has only known about his famous name sister for a few years. After hearing from her for the first time, he obtained more detailed information and found her very personable. "Oh, she makes country music, that's great, and she writes her own songs, that's great too" - he says of his first inquiries.

Everything revolves around Taylor Swift's name

But now the common name takes up a large part of Taylor's life. He is regularly asked about it - e.g. at Starbucks, gets fan mails en masse and has to forget his entire internet presence. Understandably, anyone who Googles "Taylor Swift" is most likely not looking for a photo shoot in Seattle. This is why his page is almost impossible to find in the Google results. His email address [email protected] was too spammed by fans and was therefore no longer usable.

Taylor is especially happy about the fan mail

With all that said, Mr. Swift doesn't find it so bad to share his name with a much more successful singer. He particularly enjoys the fan mail that regularly piles up in front of his door. β€œIt's great for self-confidence. They keep writing 'You are so beautiful and talented, you are a role model, you have a wonderful voice'; and I take that and say: Oh, thank you! β€˜β€œ. Everyone would like to receive this kind of post.

So if you want to experience Taylor Swift live for a low price in the future, you should perhaps consider paying a certain photographer a visit in Seattle.