Is Duolingo good for learning French?

🦉Duolingo Plus experiences (2021): Is the app still worth it?

We have tested Duolingo Plus in our large test series of learning apps and all of them important information summarized hereso that in the end you can decide for yourself whether this is something for you or not.

⬇️ Here I have you the complete article summarized in a video: ⬇️

Let's go straight with a summary start:

✔️ Playful design
❌ Can no longer be used free of charge
✔️ Smooth learning
❌ Not enough to acquire a language on its own
✔️ Great reps

✔️ Motivational system

Scope of the Duolingo app

If if you speak English, Duolingo offers a very wide range of languages such as. Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Greek, Polish, Portuguese or Italian.

The problem is justthat you find these languages ​​under English, if you only speak German, then you only have 3 languages ​​to choose from (As of October 2020):

  1. English (You can find our complete guide here)
  2. Spanish
  3. French (You can find our complete guide here)

This is a lot more extensive at Mondly. If you can speak one of these three languages then you have one in the languages very large amount of tasks and lessons.

Ease of use by Duolingo

The Duolingo app can be used with a score very high user-friendliness. You learn very fluently the translations of all words and not just single words as with Mondly or no words at all with Rosetta Stone.

The tasks are running fluent without long waiting timeswhich just makes the experience more relaxed.

If you want to use Duolingo for free, then there is a big disadvantage the update with the heart or life.

You need hearts to learn and when these are over, you have to buy them with diamonds, wait a day for 5 more hearts or even unlimited hearts with Duolingo Plus to get.

A great advantage of the Duolingo app is the test in every lesson. Before each lesson you can take a test by clicking on the key symbol (only with Duolingo Plus).

This test checks whether you have understood the lesson and then lets you skip the contentwhen you are further from the level.

The function makes the learning a lot more relaxed, because you don't always have to repeat trivial things and you can really learn at your level!

The system allows small errors in writing such as no accent to go through, which was not the case with Mondly. That can be quite nerve-wracking, as you may have to repeat a lesson at Mondly and Busuu.

A clear plus for Duolingo! ✔️

Quality of the Duolingo app

Duolingo is one high quality app. The translations are almost all free of errors and if an error occurs, then only very insignificant.

You read, hear and get to know all facets of a language with Duolingo and that is a sign of high quality. Grammar isn't really covered though, but that's not the point of an app for in between.

There is little to complain about the quality of Duolingo.

The only thing that can be criticized is the lack of pictures. In this respect, Duolingo is a bit weak compared to the competition on the learning platforms.

Unfortunately, the speaking section is also a bit short. Competitor Busuu solves this much better with his language partners.

The Duolingo motivation system is just great for that. With daily Streaks, Crowns and Leagues everything is there that motivates.

Price-performance ratio of Duolingo Plus

Duolingo Plus costs depending on the contract period between € 13.99 / month and € 7.49 / month.

Duolingo Plus prices

  • 1 month costs € 13.99
  • 6 months cost € 47.99 (€ 7.99 / month)
  • 12 months cost € 89.99 (€ 7.49 / month)

What do Duolingo alternatives cost?

  • Mondly costs € 9.99 per month.
  • Rosetta Stone costs between € 9.99 and € 11.99 per month.
  • Babbel costs € 5.99 to € 9.99 per month.
  • Busuu costs between € 9.98 and € 4.50 per month.

So you can clearly see that the Move Duolingo prices within a fair framework.

Is Duolingo Plus worth it?

We describe this in detail in our Duolingo experience.

Duolingo doesn't offer many languages, but the languages ​​that do exist are extensive. Duolingo is perfect to build the basics and to get to know a language a little. However, it is not enough to speak a language fluently, which is why we are one medium to good price-performance ratio forgive.

It really depends on the individual needs!

Duolingo alternatives

1. Busuu *

A hot candidate Busuu is the perfect replacement for Duolingo. A novel, playful App with Language partners included! None of the competitors offer that, which is why Busuu is at the top of our list. Here is our Busuu test.

2. Babbel

The eternal struggle between Duolingo vs Babbel. The two giants are now similar in many ways. A big advantage of Babbel are the 14 languages ​​that are offered. Babbel is known for more quality and structure, since the courses were designed by language experts and Babbel is also a lot better at conversation.

Here you can find free Babbel alternatives.

3. TutorBoost *

Not a learning app in the strict sense, but still an alternative for language lessons is the online tutoring Tutor Boost.

We here at Tutor Boost teach languages ​​in one-to-one classes via video chat and graphics tablet or mobile phone holder.

The teachers are trained language teachers or partially Native speaker both languages. This has the big advantage over any language app that you explicitly click address individual problems can and thus also recognizes faster learning progress.

There are individual lessons € 18.80 per tutoring lesson and for the test we are giving away a free trial lesson. *

4. Mondly *

Mondly is a great alternative for Duolingo. Mondly offers the advantage of being one can jump through the lessons as one would like. So if you're in the mood for some travel vocabulary, these great lessons are just two clicks away.

We took a close look at the app in our Mondly test and can therefore use it Recommend with a clear conscience.

Click here to go directly to Mondly. *

For everyone who Finding Duolingo too quickly, Rosetta Stone is a good alternative. At Rosetta Stone, the lessons are repeated very often. It is also interesting that no translation from the app gets what mimics the natural learning process.

In our Rosetta Stone experience, the app didn't connect as well as Duolingo, but it did the free test phase could be worth a look.

Duolingo experiences 2020

I tested Duolingo myself in our large test series of learning apps.

Duolingo scores with many directly with the playful design, the Duolingo owl named "Duo" and the level system with the crowns and the leagues, which motivates and awakens the fighting spirit in one.

Duolingo languages

The first thing you come across is that Language selection screenwhere you quickly notice that Duolingo doesn't have as much to offer in German as you would expect. There are only three languages ​​to choose from (As of October 2020).

That was just once for me a little shock 😲. One of the largest language apps on the market only offers three languages ​​in German?

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

If you have no problem with the English language, there are plenty of languages ​​available, but according to statistics, that is not many. Indeed almost 66 percent of Germans are said to have only a lack of English skills own (source).

So I have chosen the language which I speak the worst of the three, namely Spanish. 💃

Can you use Duolingo for free?

Duolingo was known for a long time to be usable for free. That changed somewhat in 2020, however, due to the new function of the hearts, Duolingo can only be used free of charge to a limited extent with 5 errors per day. That is definitely not enough and hearts run out quickly.

A heart is like some kind of "life" in a video game and when you've used up all of your hearts then you have to either Buy new ones or you wait until the next day when you will get 5 new hearts.

That can be very frustrating while learning and many reviews have also become negative about Duolingo since this update.

There is also by it a pressure to performwhich you didn't have before! It's a shame, we think, and the motto "free language education" is probably no longer priority number 1.

With Duolingo Plus you have unlimited hearts and that costs then up to € 13.99 per month.

Difference between desktop and Duolingo app for smartphones

The Duolingo Web apps for the desktop and for the smartphone are almost identical. One can switch smoothly and use Duolingo also great for on the go. 🤳

But the competition also has and is standard these days.

Can you use Duolingo offline? 📵

Yes, but only as a Duolingo Plus member. Unfortunately, this function is not available in the free area. A bit of a shame in my opinion, but not a broken leg either.

What do the Duolingo levels mean?

One can Reach different levels in each lesson. When you've worked through all of the parts of a lesson, you are Level 1 and get crowns. Then you can go through the same lesson again, which is then more difficult and more "writing texts" requiredinstead of just assigning and proceeding with the elimination process.

I think a good feature, because you quickly notice that writing, i.e. actively retrieving the vocabulary, is more difficult and still has to be practiced in the higher levels.

You can also skip levels, but unfortunately again only as a Duolingo Plus member. Otherwise you have to go through all the levels, even if some are very easy. Unfortunately a very nerve-wracking process ...

It is not advisable to "level up" directly in a single lesson, but rather to reach level 1 only in all lessons and then to start all over again so that you can use the "Spaced-Repition" effect and not just pushing everything into his short-term memory.

What do the Duolingo Leagues mean?

The Duolingo Leagues or in German die Duolingo League or leagues are a ranking of learners with most of the crowns. You get the crowns when you finish levels.

Since I have tested Duolingo very intensively, I was number 1 for a long time in the bronze league:

In the end I am too promoted to the silver league. But it didn't make a big difference, it's just about the competition and therefore to keep the motivation up and it was really fun to compete with others.

Besides the league there is still the Duolingo Streak, counting the days on which you log in and learn one after the other.

Does Duolingo work for advanced users?

Yes, but Duolingo Plus is almost a must then.

Because with the free version of Duolingo cannot skip any levels, as an advanced learner, it's just too nerve-wracking to do all of this. So there is almost no getting around Duolingo Plus.

Learning effect from Duolingo

The learning effect is of course a little different for everyone. Basically, you quickly notice that you have "learned" things. But that is often only in the short-term memory.

Specifically, it means that you can often forgot again after a few minutes.

You have to go there very disciplined to be repeated over and over again. There Duolingo is also a great helpby repeating things about which mistakes have been made at the end of a lesson.

The Duolingo owl also reminds you via notifications on the mobile phone, that one should learn again.

For a long-term effect it is advisable to create a learning plan, so that you really learn every day. A simple learning plan can be made easy from a DIN A4 sheet create and hang on the fridge. Then one more Alarm clock in the cell phone provided and you can get started.

Unfortunately, Duolingo does not use all vocabulary methods and some of our favorite methods, such as the bridge word method, are much faster in language learning than pure repetition. 😿

I have a little effect seen learning after a week and that's good, but it's better, for example, via a one-to-one lesson with a language teacher * or even the other vocabulary methods.

This video describes the point of Duolingo very well and it is also a real example of a streak over 800 days away. The comment on Duolingo Plus was given with the hearts before the update.

Conclusion of the Duolingo Plus experience

The conclusion of the Duolingo Plus test is mixed. It's fun, but it's also not really the language experience you want. The Lessons are fun and Duolingo supports you really well through frequent repetition and memories.

Also the Learning motivation can be kept up, through the Duolingo leagues and the crowns with the Duolingo levels.

However, there is a lack of visual incentives like pictures, what Rosetta Stone solves better or videos like e.g. at fluentu.

The Learning effect is slow and, since learning is only possible through repetition, not as much as other methods of learning vocabulary quickly.

For A language partner is ideal for more speaking and real interaction from e.g. italki or busuu or also a language teacher from Tutor Boost or Preply.

In summary a good app for studying at the same time and also to build basics, however not perfectly suited for intensive language experiences and rapid learning success.

Frequently asked questions about Duolingo:

Anything else Questions about Duolingo Plus or own experiences with the app? Please leave it to us in the comments thereso that other readers can also benefit from it :)