How do I keep a person blocked

WhatsApp: How to block contacts and what that means for users

WhatsApp allows users to block contacts. Find out here what to do if you want to block someone - and what that means exactly for you and the blocked contact.

If you receive spam messages or if you do not want to have contact with a user on WhatsApp for other reasons, it can help to block them. We'll show you how to do this and how you can tell if someone has blocked you.

Block WhatsApp contacts: In Android and iOS

Blocking a contact works almost the same on Android phones and Apple iPhones: Open WhatsApp and go to the menu "Settings". Tap on "Account"then on"privacy"and finally on"Blocked contacts"(Android) or" Blocked "(iPhone). This submenu lists all of your WhatsApp contacts that you have blocked.

You can block further contacts via the "Add"Symbol in the upper right corner (Android) or via the command"add contact"(iPhone). Alternatively, you can also select the contact you want to block in the chat area. Here, tap on the three dots in the top right corner, then on"More"and now on"To block". Or tap the name, scroll down the list and select"To block".

How do I clear a block?

There are several ways to unblock it. In the chat window with the contact, WhatsApp suggests you tap on a certain area to unblock it. Alternatively, you can also use the "Settings" under "Account" -> "privacy" the list "Blocked contacts". Select the desired contact here and release it again.

How does someone know they've been blocked?

If you have blocked someone in WhatsApp, Messenger will no longer deliver their messages. Accordingly, after a message has been sent, the blocked person only ever sees one check mark, never two for "delivered". The contact can also no longer see your status messages and profile picture updates. The blocked user also does not see whether you are online and when you were last online.

Another note: if you create a group and invite a contact into the group who has blocked you, the corresponding contact will not be added to the group.

On the other hand, it is no longer possible for you to notify or call the contact. Please also note that blocking does not remove the user from your WhatsApp contacts. To do this, delete the respective contact from your phone's global contact list.

Can I still make a call despite being blocked?

If someone has blocked you, you can still call them - but the calls won't go through to the contact. However, you still get a dial tone. This also applies to video calls.

What happens to my chat messages?

If you write to a contact who has blocked you, they will not receive the chat messages. This also applies if he has unlocked you again.

Blocked in WhatsApp - but the status is still visible?

Usually, the blocked contact should no longer see your status, profile picture, or other personal information. However, some users report that contacts were still able to access their information. This could be because WhatsApp has not yet updated the profile.

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