What is PPC in Grade 11 Economics

Peter Paul Cahensly School


1 Peter-Paul-Cahensly-Schule Regional competence center for vocational training in Limburg / Lahn

2They undertake to develop and ensure the quality of their teaching, their school work and their school culture, to design future-oriented educational content, to encourage their students to develop and acquire content, methods and values ​​individually and with everyone Working together with people and institutions in the context of school activities You are motivated, willing to perform and creative Then register with us! contact Peter-Paul-Cahensly-Schule Zeppelinstr Limburg Telephone: Fax: Internet: Opening hours secretariat additional qualifications Additional qualifications European computer driving license European business driver's license erp4school (SAP R / 3) KMK foreign language certificate Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.: 00:00 Friday 07:30 to 14:00 Our spacious foyer is a popular meeting place for all PPC students PPC School I 2 PPC School I 3

3 Your way to study School for adults Our library or media center enables intensive work in self-study. The use of our modern computer equipment and the interactive boards offer excellent preparation for studies and work. A place where you can celebrate: Live broadcast the awarding of the German School Prize in Berlin in December 2008 Berufliches Gymnasium Abendgymnasium You have a transfer certificate to grade 11 of the Gymnasium You have a certificate from secondary school, technical school entrance qualification or an equivalent recognized certificate Your grades in the subjects German, English, mathematics and a natural science are in The total is better than satisfactory The other subjects in the compulsory and compulsory elective areas are better than the total in total. The submitting school assesses you as suitable with an assessment. You are younger than 21 years of age. You will register no later than two weeks after the start of the 2nd semester s every school year. Include the last two school reports and the report (secondary school students only) from the sending school. We provide you with skills in both general and job-related subjects such as engineering, technology or business administration, accounting and IT. After successfully passing the Abitur examination, you have acquired the general higher education entrance qualification and you can study at all colleges and universities in the Federal Republic of Germany. Your general university entrance qualification forms the basis for qualified functions in business and technology. Of course, you can also begin demanding professional training. Your contact person: Ms. Dr. Reitz, deputy headmistress Entry according to your individual requirements in: Preliminary course 6 months Introductory phase 1 year Qualification phase 2 years Your lessons according to quality standards take place in the evenings and, by arrangement, possibly on Saturdays. Teaching is in 3 areas: 1. Linguistic-literary-artistic German foreign languages ​​Art Music 2. Sociological, historical and political education Economics and social sciences Religious teaching Philosophy 3. Mathematical-natural-scientific-technical mathematics Physics Biology Chemistry Basic information technology education / Computer science Sport You acquire the advanced technical college entrance qualification after 2 ½ years and the general university entrance qualification after 3 ½ years. With this school leaving certificate, you have the opportunity to perform higher-quality professional tasks as well as to study at universities or colleges. You can get more information on our website or make an appointment with the head of the school for adults, Mr. Winkler. PPC School I 4 PPC School I 5

4 Vocational training Vocational training full-time school forms 2-year higher vocational school for office management You have a qualification from lower secondary level (intermediate level). Your grades in German, mathematics and English are no worse than satisfactory (one possible sufficient). Then apply to us! Your training is interestingly varied, practical, future-oriented. 23 learning fields provide you with professional competence in the following areas: Office management Information processing Text formulation Business studies Accounting You can implement your theoretical knowledge from the lessons in a targeted and practical way in the learning office. You will complete your 6-week internship at the end of the first year of training in companies in Germany or abroad. Your training ends with a written, practical and oral exam. After your exam you are: State-certified assistant for office management and then direct entry into the profession 1 year of technical college (advanced technical college entrance qualification) then you can study Your contact person: Mr. Bärenfänger, department head 2-year higher vocational school, foreign language secretariat You are looking for an interesting one Education You have a qualified secondary level 1 (intermediate level) and your grades in the subjects German, mathematics and English are no worse than satisfactory (once sufficiently possible). You are open to the world, willing to work, creative, foreign language enthusiasts Then apply to us! Your training is interesting, varied, practical and future-oriented. 2 learning fields provide you with specialist competence in the areas of secretarial technology, information processing, text formulation, business studies, accounting and 4 other learning fields make you fit in the languages ​​English, French or Spanish. Your training ends with a written, practical and oral exam. After your examination you are: State-certified assistant for the foreign language secretariat and then direct entry into the profession 1 year technical college (advanced technical college entrance qualification) after that you can study commercial vocational school In our commercial vocational school you acquire vocational-specific skills. Depending on the profession, you will be taught the job-related content in learning fields, which represent the basics of a commercial profession. You will also acquire subject-specific and learning methodological skills. You take your exam in your training occupation in front of the chamber from which you will also receive your business certificate. The vocational school concludes with an independent, which documents the performance of the entire school training period. There is no punctual examination, but the continuous level of performance and learning success is shown in the certificate. In the general learning area, we impart skills in the subjects German English Politics Sport Religion Accompanying your training, if you present the appropriate grade requirements, you can achieve the intermediate level of education as well as with additional lessons in the subjects German, English, mathematics and natural sciences (physics and chemistry) and a subsequent examination, the advanced technical college entrance qualification . In addition, PPC offers vocational students a number of job-specific additional certificates that qualify them for further functions in their professional life. Your contact: Mr Knobloch, Head of the Basic Vocational Training Year, Focus: Sales Management and Customer Advice 5 learning fields from the 1st year of training for retail salespeople / salespeople impart specialist skills in the professional learning area: Representing the retail company, conducting sales talks in a customer-oriented manner, looking after customers in the service area, presenting goods, advertising and promoting sales The general educational area of ​​study includes the following subjects: German English Politics and economics Religion / ethics Sport During your school days you will complete a 4-week internship. Your school time ends with a written exam, a project exam and, if necessary, an oral exam. After passing the exam, you will have acquired a qualified qualification that will enable you to complete vocational training, particularly in the retail or sales sector. And then vocational training (crediting of times is possible if necessary) further school training, e.g. B. Attendance at the 2-year vocational school, specializing in business and administration Your contact person: Mr. Winkler, Head of Department Your contact person: Mr. Bärenfänger, Head of Department PPC School I 6 PPC School I 7

5 types of full-time school quality characteristics of services Two-year vocational school 1-year vocational school What quality characteristics does the school have services (requirement: secondary school diploma) You are interested in a commercial basic education You have a secondary school diploma and would like to acquire the middle school diploma In the subjects German, mathematics, and English you have no more than one Grade sufficient You have not attended any other vocational school for more than a year You have not completed a dual training program 12 learning fields provide you with specialist skills in the professional learning area: Business studies Commercial arithmetic Office economics Information processing Text formulation The general learning area comprises the following subjects: German English Mathematics Politics Religion Sport Natural Sciences During the At school you will complete a 4-week internship. Your school time ends with a written exam, a project exam and, if necessary, an oral exam. After passing the exam, you will have obtained the middle class. And then vocational training (crediting of times may be possible) further school training, e.g. State Certified assistant / state-certified assistant for office administration or foreign language secretariat Attendance at the vocational high school Attendance at the technical college, form A, to acquire the advanced technical college entrance qualification Professional learning area of ​​economics / law, accounting, office management / learning office PC skills (office programs): Excel, Word, PowerPoint General business English Educational learning area German Politics Religion Sport You are not taking an exam. Your certificate increases your chances for a successful apprenticeship in industry, trade, banking and insurance. Due to the globalization of the markets and the increasing economic interdependence of the countries of Europe, a solid basic commercial education is an important prerequisite. The certificate will help you with: Your vocational training (time credits may be possible). B. State Certified assistant / state-certified assistant for office management or foreign language secretariat Your contact person: Ms. Gruber, Head of the Seal of Approval of the Hessian Ministry of Culture for the promotion of highly talented pupils - equipped with appropriate resources Cooperation with foundations and academies (sanofi-aventis, Junior i-lab initiative, German Student Academy, German National Academic Foundation, Hertie Foundation) to enable as many students as possible to be selected as scholarship holders there Foundations PPC pupils selected as scholarship recipients Prize-winning school 2005 and 2008 of the Association of Hessian Entrepreneurs nominated for the German School Prize 2008 as one of the 14 best schools in Germany, selected after a complex application process and an intensive school inspection the school acts independently (especially in the area of ​​budget and Personnel sovereignty), d. H. it is one of 17 Hessian model schools in the initiative self-responsibility + it is building a quality management system (Q2E) and is to be certified according to this for the first time in 2011, a feature for this is the installation of a feedback culture, i.e.) annual project Europe Day in grade 12 of the vocational high school (Visits to the European Parliament, Europe simulation game, etc.

6 We give over 400 young people top training every year! The RMV mobility centers in Weilburg and Limburg will be happy to provide you with information about buses and trains. As the largest training company in Hessen, we are currently training 1,400 trainees together with our partner companies. Year after year, we give over 400 young people the opportunity to receive excellent training in over 40 professions. A high chance of placement proves the success of an apprenticeship with Provadis. RMV Mobility Center Weilburg -DB long-distance traffic cards available- Bahnhofstrasse Weilburg Tel. () Fax () Opening times: Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m.-6: 00 p.m. Professions with a future Chemical laboratory technician * Biology laboratory technician * Physics laboratory technician * Chemical technician / -in Pharmacist Medical Assistant * Can be combined with a dual course of study! Mechatronics technician Electronics technician for automation technology * Electronics technician for industrial engineering Industrial mechanic Process mechanic Cutting machine operator Mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology Internet: RMV Mobility Center Limburg Hospitalstrasse Limburg Tel. () Fax () Opening times : Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-1 p.m. 2 p.m.-5 p.m. Sat 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Foreign language correspondent * office communications clerk Industrial clerk * ​​clerk for Freight forwarding and logistics services Specialist for warehouse logistics Specialist warehouse clerk Service force for protection and security IT specialist * IT specialist * More information is available from: or Tel .: Internet: Provadis Partner for Education and Consulting GmbH Personalcenter Industriepark Höchst Frankfurt am Main Provadis A company of the Infraserv Höchst Group In addition to the sale of tickets, we offer the following services and information: Timetable and tariff information Information on training Education tariff Issuing customer cards Selling school year cards Leisure time and tourist information Advice on all aspects of mobility We look forward to your visit Imprint: Sidus-Verlag Josef-Ludwig-Straße Limburg Jutta Lippe & Silvia Lissner Tel .: Fax: Anz_Partner_130x87: Layout: 49 o'clock page 1 Your Naspa: The number 1 in comfort. Try us! The right partner is something special. Your Naspa with over 150 financial centers always close by! Sparkassen Finanzgruppe PPC School I 10 PPC School I 11

7th and 3rd TUE from 4: 30-6: 00 pm SEXNSURF - Specialist for youth, media and sexuality in Hessen Topic example: Chatting, security on the Internet: children, young people and new media, competent media support for children and young people pro familia Limburg ev, Konrad -Kurzbold-Str. 6, Limburg, PPC school Tel / I 12