Are attorneys usually liberally conservative or both

Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands: doubly liberal

In some European countries there are several liberal parties. In Belgium they are very similar in terms of content - but differ in their regional focus: the Flemish Open VLD (with the former Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt) and the French-speaking oneMouvement reformateur than larger liberal parties. In Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, on the other hand, it is more left-wing liberal against more right-wing liberal parties.

So split from the economically liberal Venstre in Denmark as early as 1905 Det Radical Venstre ab - a by no means radical, but social liberal party of the center. The Liberal Alliance in turn split in 2007 as the right wing of the party Ny Alliance from the social liberals and is today the liberal-bourgeois Venstre- Assigning stock. The social liberals play a rather subordinate role in Denmark today.

In Sweden there are both liberal camps (Folkpartiet liberalerna and Centerpartiet) roughly on par and are represented in the conservative-liberal government camp "Alliance for Sweden".

In the Netherlands, the more economically liberal Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (VVD) with Mark Rutte the current Prime Minister. The social liberals Democrats 66 are in opposition.

In the picture a supporter of the Dutch celebrates VVD the success in the parliamentary elections in 2010.