Why should I smile today?

Already smiled today?

Laugh, and the world laughs with you,
Cry and you cry alone;

(Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

Do you also know people who always seem to be in a good mood?

It is noticeable that these happy contemporaries like to pamper themselves and everyone else with a smile and often approach their problems with an optimistic attitude instead of spending their time complaining. Pay attention to it.

You can hardly avoid an honest smile. A smile is contagious. A relaxed smile. And, with a smile, we create a good feeling in the other person and are usually rewarded with a smile as well. With a smile we create a positive mood - for others and for ourselves.

Those who smile go through life more easily. So smile consciously today. You will definitely not regret it!

And if you don't feel like smiling, frustration and anger predominate, then take a 10-minute break and look for someone to whom you can give a short but honest smile. Be it at the bakery around the corner while you hold the door open for someone or in passing in the pedestrian zone. You can only win.

Or let yourself be infected by the laughter of these passengers on a Berlin subway:

With this in mind, I wish you a nice, fun and successful day.

Gordon Seipold

* Smiling at yourself works too, by the way! Not that easy when you're upset or angry. Try it. With a little practice you will give yourself a positive moment and thus a different attitude.