How are you suddenly a great singer

Laudation for Franz Held for the honorary chairmanship

Dear singers, dear relatives!


If, during a lively conversation, people suddenly ask for quiet, then great events usually cast their shadows ahead. This could be particularly true today, as it is about someone whom you all certainly know very well and who is even supposed to be a member of the St. Cäcilia Weilerswist church choir, and has been for a very long time. This person was accepted into the choir in 1953 and has remained loyal to him to this day. A few years later something happened to her, for which not a few of the community are enthusiastic about it. In fact, she was elected chairman of the church choir in 1962 and held this position until 1997.

Has that finally revealed the secret?

It can no longer be concealed, dear Franz, that it is about you. After you had already been elected to the - listen and be amazed - flag bearer on November 26th, 1961, you were seen as the born chairman and on December 2nd, 1962, you were elected to this office with 24 votes. Since you obviously immediately knelt fully into this task and spared no time and effort to do justice to this task in every respect and as a gifted and passionate singer the chairmanship became more and more an affair of the heart, every choice is yours Term of office extended again. In order to make the choir life as varied as possible, you developed your own ideas or took them from the group and then skillfully put them into practice. A special example of this is the double quartet, which you established immediately after performing at a choir celebration and which you immediately took over the direction of. It was also you who initiated the carol singing with the quartet singers at the New Year's reception that followed a little later and was customary at the time at Pastor Lohne's, an action that lasted 25 years. But you have also repeatedly brought the double quartet into conversation for many church and secular celebrations. So far, you might think that chairing is a great job; But surely you have often enough gone home disappointed, angry and almost resigned when the criticism from the choir was too great or the cooperation with the choir directors was too difficult. The real valley of tears began for you when the long-time choirmaster, Mr. Ferges, left Weilerswist. Where should you get a new one so quickly, because nothing is worse for a choir than unemployment. When a younger candidate appeared, you could see the relief and a certain enthusiasm for him. Soon, however, the first euphoria gave way to an emerging criticism and even total dislike, as everything that had previously shaped the choir for many years was to be thrown overboard and turned inside out. There was also rumbling within the choir, so that almost everyone was threatened with everyone else. You stood in this area of ​​tension and should keep the singers' unity and restore harmony. Instead, the contrasts grew bigger and bigger, so that you finally had no choice but to decide against the choir director and for the choir, so that it would not suffer any further damage, but rather hold it together for the future. Incidentally, based on later information, your vote against the choir director should have proven to be correct. The love for your choir had made you do the right thing. With that, however, the work started all over again with the search for and creation of fruitful cooperation, which in turn did not happen entirely without quarrels and overcoming obstacles. Your skills were still in great demand, but also successful, because it must be stated that the following changes in choir director were only made for personal or professional reasons, not for irreconcilable differences. After almost 33 years of chairmanship - you probably took two years off - your work got so bad that you resigned on June 15, 1997 for personal and health reasons.

Dear Franz, the board would like to pay tribute once again to this long-standing and stressful commitment to your church choir, which is so dear to you, today, once again to express thanks and appreciation for your services and to appoint you as honorary chairman of the church choir of St. Caecilia Weilerswist. A special certificate for you, designed by your longtime vocal companion and our former active member Philipp Fock, should express this honor. We congratulate you very warmly and wish you that you will continue to be the honorary chairman of our church choir for a long time to come.

Alfred Schineller