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WeChat, WhatsApp and Facebook: The modern three-way battle

WeChat now also has 1 billion users! What can the chat app from China do and WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger now have to tremble. One thing is certain: When it comes to messenger communication for companies, WeChat is clearly one step ahead!

This is what this article is about:

  1. Is WeChat a messenger at all and above all: What's the Difference?
  2. What's next with Facebook Messenger?
  3. WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world, but ...
  4. Have the WhatsApp developers overslept the trend here?
  5. Conclusion of all points

The battle of the three "super messengers": WeChat - WhatsApp - Facebook Messenger in comparison

Welcome to the club! WeChat has announced new numbers and is now heavy with over a billion users. This was announced by Pony Ma, head of WeChat mother Tencent, at the National People's Congress in Beijing. *

Source: Statista

WeChat is the third messenger after WhatsApp (1.5 billion MAU) and FB Messenger, which has cracked the magical “unicorn” mark. WeChat is extremely popular not only in China - but also with the Chinese in general.

100 million Chinese outside the country also use the app. That sounds banal at first, but it's important to understand if you're targeting Chinese tourists in Germany. Without the application, they are pretty helpless abroad.

If you want to know what the number of users for WhatsApp looks like, you can read the article User numbers for WhatsApp read through. And if you want to get to know not only WhatsApp, but also the many other messengers with their business skills, then take a look at our series World of Messenger - the most important messaging apps worldwide.

Is WeChat a messenger at all and above all: What's the Difference?

Whether Google Maps, the S-Bahn, weather, taxi, news - the Chinese don't know all of these apps that make our lives easier in this country. In China, all of these services are organized in WeChat. Just like customer service inquiries no longer work via a hotline and payments no longer work with credit cards or even cash.

The typical user clarifies his everyday life via WeChat - via the so-called "mini programs", quasi small, own apps in the large "WeChat world". So it's no wonder that Munich Airport, for example, is active on WeChat and the shops there also allow payment via app.

With mini programs, users can search for and rate restaurants. Like native apps and websites, they can be saved by users directly on the home screen. However, it is not very easy for companies to be present on WeChat. You have to be a “Tencent Trusted Partner” and have a certain ad budget to even get a coveted spot in the Far Eastern sun, explains Sven Spöde from WeChat specialist Storymaker.

What's next with Facebook Messenger?

Facebook will probably take a similar path to WeChat with its Messenger. Maybe not through mini programs or apps like the Chinese pioneer, but with the easy-to-create chatbots, Facebook already offers developers a good platform to develop smart applications for companies on them.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world, but ...

.... You won't find any cool features, apps or programs here. "The first business version is still manageable," says Christian Wochagg, head of the Gerhard agency in Berlin. Paying via WhatsApp is already being tested in India, but the app is far from being really developer-friendly. There are already one or the other WhatsApp chatbot, but these chatbots do not yet look as fancy and user-friendly as on Facebook on WhatsApp.

Are the WhatsApp developers oversleeping the trend here?

One could of course quickly assume that the WhatsApp developers are oversleeping an important trend here. I don’t think so. The WhatsApp developer team is still very small compared to the Facebook development teams. It is also known that WhatsApp ("the greens") and Facebook ("the blues") are not necessarily best friends in Menlo Park. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton recently called for #DeleteFacebook in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Quite rebellious for a company that Facebook bought for $ 19 billion in early 2014.

It is time. #deletefacebook

- Brian Acton (@brianacton) March 20, 2018

But WhatsApp does what WhatsApp can do - and like no other: They know how personal communication works. This is why the company is primarily (and at the moment still) focusing its business applications on smaller retailers in markets such as Brazil and India. And fast, direct and very simple communication between the company and customers is what counts.

Conclusion: there will be no battle between messenger apps!

Thanks to the Chinese government, WeChat will probably retain its monopoly with the Chinese and need not fear any competition. With its Messenger as a large, developer-friendly platform and WhatsApp as a lean solution for the SME target group, Facebook will continue to have a firm grip on the rest of the world. Why argue - there are enough messenger cakes for everyone. Every Jack has his Jill. This applies to the user as well as to companies 😉

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