How are fonts designed and digitized

Webfonts: With creativity to more beautiful websites

With the term font summarize all characters that were designed according to an identical design concept. If there are several variants of such a font that differ, for example, in terms of line width or spacing, then they are referred to as Font family.

The different fonts are suitable for different areas of application. When choosing a font, you should therefore pay particular attention to two things: the Readability of scripture and theirs emotional impact. The medium also plays a major role in this. In the case of so-called serif fonts, the individual letters at the end of the letter bars have small horizontal lines that make it easier to read small print text fluently. However, this font is not always ideal for reading on a monitor.

Function and position in the text should also influence the choice of font: while particularly conspicuous fonts in the headings attract the desired attention, they often appear out of place in the body text. For this reason, web designers often use several different fonts or font styles (this is how the variants within a font family are called) in one text. However, you shouldn't overdo it here, otherwise the website will quickly appear overloaded.

The individual fonts also differ greatly from one another in terms of their effect. The following table provides an overview of which fonts are particularly suitable for which texts and which associations they trigger in the reader.