What is the best web host in china

c't 7/2019 - A look at the magazine with web host test, music streaming and hardware from China


In times of Facebook and Instagram, many companies, associations and private individuals underestimate the value of own website. Because this is still the first address for those interested in typing a name on Google looking for more information.

The right one Web space is now available for 8 euros or less and offers at least 50 GB of space, but as an all-round carefree package also SSL, mail and one-click installations for blogs and forums. We tested 8 hosters in c't and were surprised how big the differences between 1 & 1, Hetzner & Co. were in terms of performance, range of functions and operation.

My personal highlights in this issue:

Have fun reading the c't,

Achim Barczok
c't editorial team

PS from the editorial team:

Come to such a text-heavy magazine as c't Image, graphics and illustration actually always too short. Even if we occasionally exaggerated it, for example when we experimented with two-page opener for cover topics a few years ago. Most of the time we are rather frugal and sometimes forget to adequately illustrate an interesting test object. In any case, images in c't have their rightful place - not only to show the hardware from the tests or to visualize the way to the correct menu with screenshots.

There are a few in this issue particularly worth seeing illustrations to be found, namely that of Albert Hulm in the article series on the sound test for music streaming services. In the series of articles, the CD is buried, pushed through the shredder and sold as a miracle cure at the fair. You could easily overlook the fact that the test was also particularly successful: My colleague Hartmut Gieselmann explained in detail why people still prefer to listen to classical music on CD, but when it comes to pop music, the streaming service often sounds better than the disc.

Which article illustrations from c't do you remember most?