What does service not available

RPC server: what to do if the RPC server is not available?

The RPC server error is also known as error code 0x800706BA. It's a simple one Communication problemcaused by complications in exchanging information between two participants in a network or between processes within a computer. Information exchange between client and server is necessary so that certain processes can be carried out properly in Windows. Windows processes and components (clients) communicate with a server via the so-called Remote Procedure Call (RPC). The RPC server usually starts automatically when the computer starts up.

In order to be able to execute a service or process, the client must first learn from the server exactly where the service can be found. You can think of RPC communication as checking in at a hotel: You, the client, want to check in and ask the receptionist, i.e. the server, for your room number and keycard. If the exchange of information is successful, you will know where your room is and can check in without any problems.

If the RPC server does not respond to the client, the latter cannot execute the requested processes. The error message "RPC server is not available" appears. The most common causes are Network problems in itself or the blocking the exchange of information through a Firewall. If the RPC server does not respond, certain programs can no longer be opened properly and software or hardware can no longer be installed.