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, Classification) Over three million British people support petition for an exit from Brexit

22.03.2019 15:57

London (AP) - Many Britons have the tussle about leaving the EU
Fed up. More than three million people signed up
An online petition to the House of Commons on Friday afternoon: In
she is being asked to stay in the European Union. At times
the website could not be reached because of the rush.
Prime Minister Theresa May only had an exit from Brexit
again clearly rejected at the EU summit in Brussels.

The petition has not yet broken a record like that
British news agency PA reported. A request for a second
Brexit referendum was signed by almost 4.2 million people.
A petition against a planned state visit by the US President
Donald Trump in London had almost two million supporters. All
British citizens - including abroad - and residents of
The UK is allowed to sign such online petitions.

“The government keeps claiming that it would be to leave the EU
the «will of the people» », says the current petition text. D.
must be put to an end by the strength of the public
Support for a whereabouts will be made clear. The
Parliament must accept the content of every petition with more than 100,000
Consider signatories for a debate.

Great Britain can theoretically make the declaration to leave the EU
withdraw unilaterally. The European Court of Justice has led the way in
upheld a judgment in December. The country would then remain as before
Member of the EU. Another application to leave would not be
locked out.

Nevertheless, it is considered extremely unlikely that it will happen.
In the referendum on leaving the EU in 2016, 17.4 people voted
Millions of Britons for Brexit. Hardly any British politician wants to
to ignore the majority vote at the time, without not
hold at least a second referendum.

The country was supposed to leave the EU on March 29th. At the
On Thursday evening the EU granted Great Britain a respite: if

If the House of Commons approve the Brexit deal, Great Britain could
Community of states left on May 22nd. Otherwise
the EU expects a new plan from London before April 12th.