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1 Bulletin Thurgauer Turnverband Splitter 16TH VOLUME No. 6 July 2015 appears 11 times a year EDITORIAL Hanspeter Trionfini PO Box Altnau Uttwil am Barren at the final rounds of the TGM in club gymnastics on the sports facility Aachtal Erlen. Photo: Mario Gaccioli Announcements and tenders Executive Board Staff Secretariat 2 Training Youth Kitu Herbst-WK Kitu Xund & fit Nia 10 Xund & fit Balance Pads 10 Volleyball Volleyball Referee-WK 5 events Active apparatus gymnastics autumn cup 4 apparatus gymnastics autumn cup group championship Ti 6 Partner of the Thurgauers Gymnasts

2 Thurgau Gymnastics Association Board of Directors of the Thurgau Gymnastics Association, the Thurgau Gymnastics Association, as a multi-sport association, promotes popular and top-class sport. It offers all walks of life and all age groups the opportunity to exercise. To relieve and support the board of directors, we are looking for a secretarial staff member + / 30 percent who will carry out secretarial work at the level of the association board and who can provide relief and support in the area of ​​correspondence by January 1, 2016 or by agreement. You are also ready to take on the role of training coordinator for the association. You will cover the following areas of responsibility: Taking minutes of board meetings and association events Preparing meetings with the presidium Further general secretarial work Coordinating the association's training events Creating an annual training program As a basis for this varied and demanding job, you have the following: Basic commercial training Professional experience in administration Experience in Board work Knowledge of taking minutes Organizational flair Computer skills MS Office Ability to work in a team Willingness to work in the evening If possible, member of a gymnastics club Have we aroused your interest? Further information can be obtained from: Mr. Philipp Schwager, Mobile, 2 Please send your application with photo by August 15, 2015 at the latest to: Thurgauer Turnverband Mr. Philipp Schwager, President Obere Rispergstrasse Wallenwil

3 For winners. For losers. The Thurgau Gymnastics Association offers the right thing for everyone in over 30 different disciplines. That is why Coop is very happy to be the main sponsor.

4 Department Active Apparatus Gymnastics 4 Autumn Cup Date Saturday, September 19, 2015 Location Participants Timetable 3-fold Sports Hall Tägerwilen (Organizer: Getu Kemmental) Members Thurgau Gymnastics Association Guest sections from all over Switzerland from around 9:30 a.m. to no post, all documents are posted on the homepage. Individual gymnastics program combined with a team evaluation A complete competition program (5- or 4-fight) is performed. An individual ranking list and a team ranking list are created from the same result. Implementation in accordance with STV directives 2006, plus the STV list of elements and the general competition instructions. Exception ring: Category 1 without swing ring Apparatus gymnastics Youth: K 1 to K 4 apparatus gymnastics Active: K 5 to K 7, KH team competition Category A teams with gymnasts from K5 to K7, KH team competition (five gymnasts per team). At least 2 categories must be represented in each team. Each gymnast completes a 5 fight (parallel bars, floor, ring, horizontal bar and jump). Category B teams with gymnasts from K1 to K4. Team competition (five gymnasts per team). At least 3 categories must be represented in each team. Each gymnast completes a 4-fight (parallel bars, floor, horizontal bar and jump). Several teams can be registered per club or squad. A gymnast is only allowed to start in one team. The teams may be composed of gymnasts from different clubs. The total of the team is made up of the four or three highest marks per device (one deletion result). Clubs that do not bring their own teams together will, if possible, be referred by the competition management to other clubs that are also searching. After the start of the competition, no more team changes can be made.

5 Department Active Autumn Cup Judges Report of judges compulsory according to the regulations 11.4 Insurance The participants declared as gymnastics members are insured with the SVK of the STV against liability, damage to glasses and accidents in accordance with the regulations. Registration for individual competition: by Friday, August 7th, 2015 at the latest. Team composition. Name registration of the gymnastics team by Saturday, September 5th. Daniela Rohner, Olmishausenstrasse 8, 9314 Steinebrunn Telephone, The registration must be made on the registration form on the Internet. The judges will register with the first entry: (individual competition). Without a judge, the registration will be rejected. Entry fee K1 to K4 CHF 24.00 per participant K5 to K7, KH CHF 28.00 per participant The team competition is included in the entry fee. The entry fee will be debited from the club's entry fee account. Department Volleyball Volleyball Referee-WK Course number: Every referee is required to do a WK every two years! Date Saturday, August 15, 2015 Time 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. or until 4:00 p.m. Location Schönenberg Gymnasium Contents Theory and practice Management Milena Kissling Equipment Whistle, rule book, note material, STV membership card, course ID and playroom Registration with the comment “Morning” or “Afternoon », (If possible, the request will be fulfilled) by Sunday, August 2, 2015 to Milena Kissling, Sägestrasse 4, 8580 Amriswil Mobile, 5

6 Department Active Apparatus Gymnastics 6 Autumn Cup Group Championship Ti Date Saturday, September 19, 2015 Location 3-fold sports hall Tägerwilen (Organizer: Getu Kemmental) Participants Members Thurgau Gymnastics Association Schedule approx. 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. No mailing, all documents are posted on the homepage. Team competition program Carried out in accordance with STV directives 2006, plus the STV list of elements, the group championship competition regulations and the allotment list as well as the general competition instructions. For the competition, see TGTV regulations on the homepage. Category A Teams with gymnasts from K5 to K7, KD (active) Four gymnasts per team. Each gymnast completes a 4-fight (floor, ring, horizontal bar and jump). Category B teams with gymnasts from K1 to K4 (youth) Four gymnasts per team. Each gymnast completes a 3-fight (floor, horizontal bar and jump). Allocation In category A there is currently no allocation. There is a contingent allocation in category B. The basis for this is participation in the spring championship of the same year. The contingents will be sent to the teams by July 1st of the current year at the latest. Participation with at least 1 team is guaranteed for all groups. Judges Report of the judges compulsory. Regardless of other regulations, the following mandatory rule applies to the entry of the judges at the group championship. The following WR reports are mandatory in both categories: Cat. A: 1 team = 1 WR BR2 from 4 teams = 2 WR BR 2 Cat. B: 1 team = 1 WR BR 1 from 3 teams = 2 WR BR 1 jokers are allowed on the Group championships are not used.

7 Active Herbstcup Ti Insurance The participants declared as gymnastics members of the STV are insured against liability, damage to glasses and additional accidents with the SVK of the STV in accordance with the regulations. Registration The number of groups, categories and the judges' report by Friday, August 7th, 2015 at the latest. Name of the team by Friday, August 28th. Daniela Rohner, Olmishausenstrasse 8, 9314 Steinebrunn Telephone, The registration must be made on the registration form on the Internet. The registration of the judges takes place with the first registration number of groups. Without a judge, the registration will be rejected. Entry fee category A CHF 95. per team Category B CHF 85. per team The entry fee will be debited to the club's entry fee account. Award 40 percent of the ranked teams receive an award. Challenge cups (Thurgau Masters) in all categories for the Thurgau group with the highest number of points. We congratulate life is what happens while you have other things on your mind. John Lennon Ernst Bürgisser, Riedt bei Erlen 90 years 13 July Max Känzig, Mettendorf 75 years 16 July Robert Forster, Steinach 88 years 17 July Hugo Wegmann, Matzingen 89 years 21 July Franz Wenger, Wängi 86 years 10 August Love Anniversaries, gymnasts from Thurgau hope that you can celebrate your birthday in good health and wish you all the best. In our “Congratulations” section, anniversaries from their 50th birthday and further every five years are mentioned. Those who have reached their eightieth birthday are put on the list of birthday children every year. 7th

8 TEAM SPORTS ASSOCIATIONS CLUBS COMPANIES PRINT EMBROIDERY NOW AT SUPER CONDITIONS ask for an offer! e.g. Tracksuits, jerseys, pants, snow sports clothing, club jackets, bags 9501 WIL / SG Sirnacherstrasse 1 Tel 8

9 Department Youth Kitu Pre-announcement Autumn-WK Kitu course number: Date Saturday, September 26th, 2015 Time 12 p.m. Location Müllheim, 3-fold gym Rietwies Target audience All Kitu leaders of the TGTV, leaders of KidGym groups, lower school leaders and gymnasts who are interested in gymnastics at kindergarten level. Announcement The detailed announcement will be made in the August splitter. Artistic gymnastics: silver over silver for Andri Stacher Andri Stacher's collection of silver medals is complete: He also finished second in the last competition of the season. Lars Engeli was delighted with the bronze medal. Eastern Switzerland Cup After the official season is over and the juniors only have the Swiss Championships in Neuchâtel at the beginning of June, the winners of the Eastern Switzerland Cup were honored in Maienfeld. In this evaluation, the best gymnasts of the five competitions Fürstenland Cup (Wil), Rheintal Cup (Widnau), Thurgauer Kunstturncup (Frauenfeld), Schaffhausen Youth Cup (Schaffhausen) and Heidiland Cup (Maienfeld) are celebrated. The Aadorfer Andri Stacher (Frauenfeld), who trains in the RLZ OST, was able to maintain second place in program 3. With the best horizontal bar exercise in his program, he received 76,400 points and won silver. The fact that Stacher also wins silver in the overall standings of the Eastern Switzerland Cup is a logical conclusion after the young talent has won the silver medal in every competition of the season. Heidiland Cup Just like for Stacher, the stars were also favorable for Lars Engeli (program 2), who won the bronze medal at the Heidiland Cup. With the second best floor and horizontal bar exercise, the 11-year-old Steckborn scored 76.975 points. As the third best P2 gymnast in Eastern Switzerland, he received the bronze medal for the Eastern Switzerland Cup. Luano Brändle (Frauenfeld, P1) in seventh place, Yannik Huber (Münchwilen, P2) also in seventh place and Maurus Pallmann (Frauenfeld, P2) in ninth place could look forward to an award. Another grand finale was celebrated when the trophies were presented to the teams, in which the Turnfabrik achieved silver in program 3 (Andri Stacher and Nic Schönenberger) and bronze in program 2 (Lars Engeli, Yannik Huber and Maurice Zurbuchen). Brigitte Pallmann 9

10 Ressort 35+ Xund & fit Nia Course number: Program danced joie de vivre Location BBZ Weinfelden Date / time Wednesday, August 19, 2015, until Friday, August 14, 2015, registration deadline for a maximum of 25 people For details see splitter No. 5/2015, page 15 .Rector 35+ Xund & fit Balance Pads Course number: Training program for posture and perception, strength, balance and coordination Location BBZ Weinfelden Date Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Time until o'clock Head Tanja Bühler Target audience TGTV members, especially women, men, Seniors (35+) equipment, normal gym equipment, ABS socks, terry towels, gymnastics mats, balance pad (if you have one), STV membership card Registration at the TGTV secretariat: Telephone, or Verena Saameli-Ziegler, Ulmenstrasse 48, 8500 Frauenfeld Registration deadline Friday, 25 September 2015 Costs Fr. 10 per person, payable directly at the event Important Please state the number of the STV membership card when registering! On February 18, 2015, a large number of participants had to be turned away because the offer was already booked 14 days before the registration deadline, so the course will be held a second time! 10 The events of the “Xund & fit 35+” commission are intended for all TGTV members, especially women, men and senior citizens. Please to the leaders: Advertise these offers to your members too!

11 Altnau: Good atmosphere in individual and pair competitions Anyone who wants to collect points while bouncing the ball needs endurance and strength. “The individual and pair competition is an ideal competition for women and men from 25 to 80 years of age. It can be carried out as a gymnastics lesson with the whole club without much effort. That's why the competition should be presented in a course, I learned it from my colleague, ”said one participant. On May 30th the TG single and pair competition took place in Altnau. Mani Aeberhard from TGTV, Hildegard Hofmann and the referee team ensured sporty and fair competition conditions. 46 men fight for points in the individual competition The individual competition consists of the eight disciplines of floorball slalom, gymnasts play SWISSLOS at Thurgau paying stations, shot put, jump rope, basket throw, long jump, obstacle course, meter run and mat throwing. At least five disciplines have to be completed, if you do more or all of them, the five best results are counted. The following winners have been chosen. In the M2 category, Philipp Eugster from Schönenberg Kradolf won ahead of last year's winner Thomas Häni from Hörhausen. In the M3, Daniel Witzig, Erlen, prevailed ahead of Christoph Frei, Frauenfeld. Walter Koch from Thundorf was on the podium in the M4 category for the third time in a row, followed by Jürg Kummer, Berg. Last year's winner Richard Ehrat from Mettendorf also confirmed his victory in the M5 ahead of Roger Julmy, Frauenfeld. Güttingen at the top of the pair competition There were also several disciplines to choose from in the pair competition: floorball slalom run, ball bouncing, jumping rope on the mat, medicine ball around the hips, skill run, target shot put, basket throw and the run over 1000 meters. The same regulations apply as for the individual competition. Among the women you can find the gymnasts from Güttingen at the top. And these are the categories - winners: F2 Susanne Koller / Vanda Barabas with 46.703 points; F3 Annemarie Vogt / Vreni Rutishauser; F4 Johanna Gamma / Irene Rüegge. The picture for the men is similar: In the M2 category, the outstanding winners Jack and Bruno Eugster, Güttingen, confirm their title with the highest mark of the day, 48.075. In class M1 11

12 won by Armin Eugster / Christian Würmli, Güttingen. In the M3 there was a victory for Frauenfeld by Andreas Robel / Roland Reinhard. Thundorf was at the top of the podium with Walter Koch / Föns Derungs. In the M5 category, too, the victory went to Frauenfeld, namely to Hans Sieber / Heinz Thoma. Letizia Rüttimann / Christoph Messmer from Güttingen won the mixed category. The atmosphere among the participants was great, a good mix of competitive spirit and joy was felt throughout. The Altnau women's gymnastics club also made sure of that with varied and wonderfully prepared meals. Sylvia Brassel 12 newsletter Thurgauer Turnverband Splitter appears 11 times a year. Publisher: Thurgauer Turnverband Philipp Gemperle Hinterlohstrasse 16, 8590 Romanshorn Printing: Trionfini, Satz Druck Verlag AG 8595 Altnau Secretariat TGTV, Verena Saameli-Ziegler Ulmenstrasse 48, 8500 Frauenfeld Telephone Address changes are made by the person responsible in the club directly in the database of the STV to take care of: Address data for members fi Regional magazine: Membership subscription. (The TGTV no longer has its own address database.)

13 High level at the TGM in club gymnastics in Erlen In the hottest summer weather, over 60 clubs competed for the Thurgau championship title in club gymnastics on Sunday, June 7th. At the competition in Erlen, the team aerobics were particularly surprising. The level was exceptionally high. Over half of all participating clubs in team aerobics secured grades over 9 points out of a possible 10. It is well known that Thurgau and Frauenfeld have been a top Swiss team aerobics club for years. The Frauenfeld women achieved the final grade of 9.74. However, that was only enough for second place. Dussnang-Oberwangen overtook them in the final round with a grade of 9.75. Guntershausen placed third. The fact that fourth-placed Uttwil missed the finals with a sensational 9.63 shows that you can't afford to make any mistakes in the Thurgau team aerobics competitions. "That is bitter," says Lisa Sallmann, the technical director of the STV Uttwil. She locates the shortcoming in the difficulty of the demonstration. It has to be extremely high in order to be able to keep up in Thurgau. “We will adapt our program,” she said. Eschlikon top Overall, the gymnastics club and the Eschlikon equipment group were particularly convincing when it came to the various machines. With a victory on the school uneven bars, a second place on the parallel bars and in the equipment combination and third place on the ground, in the jump and on the swing rings, the village was represented on all equipment on the podium. "We have a good youth development program," said the senior gymnast of the Eschlikon gymnastics club, Patrick Fanchini.Therefore, the three Eschliker gymnastics clubs could always deliver very good results. Gymnastics with the usual consistency As in previous years, the Kreuzlingen gymnastics group won in gymnastics without hand-held equipment with a grade of 9.6. In Gymnastik Kleinfeld, Märwil and Dussnang-Oberwangen fought head-to-head. March

14 14

15 wil finally won the title with a lead of 0.4 points. The Kreuzlingen gymnastics group was able to prevail in the youth category. She won with 9.41. Märwil won the 35+ category with 9.39 in gymnastics. Zihlschlacht and Märwil strong in athletics Championships were also awarded in six athletic disciplines and in the pendulum relay. Zihlschlacht defended last year's titles in high jump and shot put. As in the previous year, the Märwil gymnastics team had to admit defeat in the stone jog, which achieved the highest score of 10. The gymnasts from Neukirch-Egnach won the long jump and the pendulum relay. The title Publication Dates 2015 No. Editorial deadline appears on 7 Wednesday, August 5, August 21, 8 Wednesday, September 9, September 25, 9 Wednesday, October 7, October 23 in the Schleuderball, the gymnastics club Neuwilen, also with the highest grade of 10, secure. Heat caused problems Over 60 clubs with around 1500 gymnasts took part in the most prestigious event of the Thurgau Gymnastics Association this year. The hot temperatures bothered many gymnasts. The organizers therefore decided to hold the finals in the floor discipline in the hall. The remaining disciplines were nevertheless carried out as usual in the open field in front of an impressive crowd. Competition director Rahel Merk-Zimmermann is satisfied: "Everything went smoothly." As a tried and tested organizer, Zihlschlacht was responsible for the facilities in Erlen in cooperation with the Thurgau Gymnastics Association. Thanks to the support of the main sponsors Coop and Thurgauer Kantonalbank, the gymnasts were completely satisfied after the event. Philipp Gemperle, Sheila Eggmann Pictures: Mario Gaccioli The complete ranking lists can be found on

16 Thurgau Stone Punch Championship Züblin for the fifth time The Thurgau Stone Punch Championship in Erlen was well attended with over 200 participants. Hannes Züblin won the men's active category and Tamara Baumgartner was victorious in the women's category. Züblin with the best distance The 30-year-old Zihl butcher Hannes Züblin won the active category with a nationally notable best distance of 11.01 meters with the 12.5 kilo stone. "I'm happy about my fifth championship title," said the Oberthurgauer, satisfied with the result. The brother of heptathlete Linda Züblin convinced with explosive acceleration and push-off technique. His father had already dominated the scene in the 1980s. The gymnastics genes seem to be inheritable. Women on the advance Stone setting is very popular with women. The starting list recorded 62 entries in the active category. In the final, Tamara Baumgartner swung the 6-kilo stone with a top distance of 9.76 meters. Integrated in cantonal gymnastics event The championship is held together with the club championship. This type of event helps ensure that the fields of participants are very well filled. More than 90 active people, 30 senior citizens and 22 youth reports underline the attractiveness of the event. The best senior ranking was achieved by old master Markus Thomi with fifth place and an impressive width of 9.80 meters. His wife Michi won the women's category. Sepp Meyer The finalists in the women's category (from left): Winner Tamara Baumgartner (Märwil), Kathrin Ullmann (Wigoltingen), Andrea Bitzer (Wigoltingen), Priska Burgermeister (Wilen-Neunforn) and Arlena Koller (Märwil). 16

17 The first cantonal game day hunter's ball took place in Sulgen On Saturday, May 31, the Thurgau Gymnastics Association organized the first cantonal game day hunter's ball together with STV Hauptwil-Gottshaus and MR Hauptwil. The Thurgau masters come from Balterswil, Dussnang-Oberwangen, Zihlschlacht and Bett-wiesen. «Just play!» it echoes from the loudspeakers over the sports facilities in Sulgen. 16 children jump to one of the three judges. 16 pairs of eyes look at him intently. And then leaps of joy and tears are very close together. On matchday Jägerball Jugend around 1400 children between the ages of six and nine competed for points. Around 600 games were played and at the end of the day the winners and thus also the Thurgau champions in the respective category were determined. Exciting until the end "Up until a year ago there were district tournaments where the teams qualified for the day of the final," explains Iganz Gross, responsible for the youth matchday. Unfortunately, the officials are missing and so it was decided to organize a game day for the entire canton and also to play for the Thurgau championship title in the categories girls A and B and boys A and B. In the morning, the four eventual winners put themselves in a good starting position and won their group games. At the finals in the late afternoon, the duel for first and second place in category A for boys turns out to be particularly exciting. Balterswil won against Neukirch-Egnach very thinly, with only one goal ahead, thus securing the coveted trophy. Märwil is happy about the victory. Double function Sepp Sutter was to be found in a double function. On the one hand he was OC President on the part of the organizer and on the other hand he was responsible for the “Jägerball” from the Thurgau Gymnastics Association. Fewer officials means more work not only for them, but also for the organizer. "For a cantonal event, of course, you need much larger infrastructures, a more efficient festival restaurant and more helpers from the organizing association," said Gross. Whether cantonal or district hunter ball game day, the children and visitors seemed to like it, because the atmosphere at the Sulgen sports facility was great. A big thank you to the two organizing clubs, Turnverein Hauptwil-Gottshaus and Herrenriege Hauptwil. Brigitte Süess 17

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19 Apparatus gymnastics: Superior performance in hot temperatures At the beginning of June, the Summer Cup in single apparatus gymnastics took place in Steckborn. From morning until evening, the gymnasts presented their exercises to the judges and tried to keep a cool head despite the high temperatures. Close decision in category 1 The youngest opened the competition day early in the morning. After the musically accompanied march in, the gymnasts went straight to training on the equipment before the first female athlete was allowed to demonstrate her skills. In Category 1, Alisha Stolz (GTR Güttingen) and Noelia Sammartin (Eschlikon) did a close head-to-head race, with Stolz being able to look forward to the coveted gold medal at noon. With the day's best score of 9.80 on the floor, Marion Steiger (Eschlikon) only had to admit defeat in category 2 by the first-placed Alissia Meier (Steckborn). Ladies. The later the time, the hotter the hall and the more strenuous the conditions for everyone involved. Under these circumstances, the almost unbeatable Meret Zahner from Frauenfeld could not be disturbed in category 3. Her last year's series of successes in category 2 has drawn her unbeatable Zahner so far. It continued at noon with the older gymnasts in categories 3 to Céline Scheu, Balterswil, (category 5, rank 19): somersaults during the jump. Wednesday, August 5th editorial deadline for splitter number 7 will be published on August 21, 2015; 8595 Altnau Telephone, fax

20 also this year successfully continued in the next higher level. In category 4, Selina Flatz (Balterswil) managed to outshine her competitors. Exciting performances by the elders A very exciting competition was to be admired in category 5. The front ranks were only slightly apart and the podium was actually occupied by the same three gymnasts as at the last competition a month ago. This time Eliane Schaffhauser (Arbon, 2nd place) did not manage to get the win. Celine Zürcher (GTR Güttingen) was allowed to take the top podium. Third was again Celine Bürgi (Eschlikon). The K6 gymnasts from Neukich an der Thur had a very good day. They achieved a triple victory with Anna Frick, Katja Eigenmann and Laura Sager. After a long break from injury, this was the first competition of the winner Frick. Two women in the field succeeded in asserting themselves in categories 7 and women. With a dream total of 38.20 points, Lara Borner won by far in category 7. Steffi Fröhlich won the women’s category. Katja Kellenberger All ranking lists can be found under. Fistball: RiWi wins the senior championship On June 6th, the 2015 senior final round was played in Eschenz. In a heat of over 30 degrees, the men’s riders from MTV Rickenbach-Wilen won the championship title ahead of Oberhofen-Illighausen and Berlingen. After a cool swim in the lake, all players were pampered with a fine nightly meal prepared by the Eschenz men's gymnastics club. The party continued until late and the camaraderie was cultivated, because the fistball players also love the afterwards. 20 The victorious RiWi team, back from left: Bruno Stauffer, Guido Gmür, Toni Hug and Christian Rombach; front from left: Albert Wild, Willi Schmid, Emil Lüthi, Ueli Krüsi, Martin Scherrer is missing.

21 Märstetten: The youth gymnastics festival an occasion for enthusiastic fans After seven years, a cantonal youth gymnastics festival finally took place again in mid-June. Around 3000 children and young people from almost all the clubs in the Thurgau Gymnastics Association took part and populated the sports facilities in Märstetten. The weather cooperated, the organization was excellent, so it was an absolutely successful gymnastics festival for the Thurgau youngsters. High standing individual competition On Saturday it was for category B, i. H. those born between 2004 and 2008, as well as for the little ones from children's gymnastics (KiTu) seriously. In the morning, when the weather was getting better, the category B offspring competed in the individual competition. Lea Keller from Neukirch a. d. Thur got the maximum points for the girls at 50 and Justin Kaufmann from Dussnang-Oberwangen won the festival with 49.30 for the boys. In the afternoon, the kindergarten children from the KiTu compete in a three-part competition. Finn Helfenberger from Neukirch achieved a top grade with 29.40. The offspring born between 1999 and 2003 competed in a five-part competition on Sunday. With Harissa Kasami from Bettwiesen, a girl again achieved the maximum of 50 points. In the boys' category, Reto Zürcher, a Bettwiesener, achieved the highest mark of the day with 49.60, and Affeltranger Pirmin Kolb did the same. A club competition for the first time A club competition was offered for the first time for the older youths, which the Eschlikon equipment group clearly won with 29.11. The teams had to complete a three-part competition, with at least one valuable demonstration of aerobics, gymnastics or apparatus gymnastics as well as the cantonal youth gymnastics festival was a great thing. “Fit, healthy, upright”, that obviously also applies to these girls. 21

22 had to show at least one athletic discipline. 14 clubs certainly used this opportunity to attract young talent for their active clubs. It was astonishing what great demonstrations the girls and boys had already presented on the machines. This is certainly also a great achievement of the youth leaders who invest a lot of time in such club presentations. Riegenstafette as a highlight All participating clubs were allowed to take part in the traditional Riegenstafette at the end of the competitions. Loudly supported by the large number of fans from the little sister to the grandfather, the children ran for the series and category victories, which their short legs gave. In category B, the girls from Zihlschlacht and the boys from Schlatt swung out above. In category A, the Märstetter boys won the final by a blink of an eye ahead of Gachnang-Islikon, which with around 130 children was by far the largest group. Neukirch a won the girls A. d. Thur consider before Affeltrangen and Bischofszell. MuKi / VaKi and KiTu at the youth gymnastics festival Integrated into the youth gymnastics festival was a fun course for the youngest of the gymnast family, the MuKi / VaKi gymnastics. In a playful way, the little ones had to complete three different positions together with a parent. E.g. the ball target throw, in which the child had to throw tennis balls and the parent had to catch them in a bucket. With no fewer than 25 pairs, Gachnang-Islikon was also the noticeably largest group here. Wrestling / wrestling competition Integrated into this youth gymnastics festival was a wrestling / wrestling competition. 66 boys and even eight girls competed in the sawdust rings, which were surrounded by many spectators. 22 The fun factor was not neglected during the water transport. The girls thrilled with gymnastics demonstrations.

23 were. Andrin Habegger from Bettwiesen clearly achieved the highest score of 59.40 in the boys' category. In the girls' category, Lara Wirth from Uttwil clearly beat her club colleague Louisa Kurzi (55.2) with 58.1. Group competition In order to bridge the time between the different parts of the competition, a group competition was offered to all ranks. A team consisted of six gymnasts who completed fun disciplines such as fly-killers tennis, blind cow, slalom run, rifle shooting or a watercourse at six posts. As a reward, all participants received a small instant price. Much praise for the organizers Marco Moser, the Illhart-Sonterswil youth leader, was enthusiastic about the organization of the youth gymnastics festival: “Everything worked smoothly, you hardly ever had to wait, all the competition areas were close by and the children were delighted with the music in between . " Erika Keller from the TGTV competition management was also enthusiastic: “It was an absolutely ingeniously organized event with great facilities, good and clear announcements, all the children were happy”. OC President Claudio Tschirren was also relieved: “The preparatory work began two years ago, and around 120 helpers from all the gymnastics teams from Märstetten were on duty over the two days. We also received a lot of support from the community and the school community. I am very happy that everything went so calmly, smoothly and without major accidents. It was a great party, the effort was worth it! " Gabi Wüthrich, Jürg Kocherhans Photos: Mario Gaccioli Complete ranking list under At the pendulum relay, the youngsters can go out of their way. No youth gymnastics festival without a judge and accounting office. Thank you 23

24 Gymnastics Veterans Association Thurgau Sociable rural community in Felben-Wellhausen The members of the gymnastics veterans association met for this year's regional community on June 7th in the Heuberghalle in Felben Wellhausen. Traditionally, with the invasion of the cantonal flag of the Thurgau Gymnastics Association, accompanied by the flag of the Felben-Wellhausen gymnastics club, OC President Hans Wilhelm and the ladies of honor, chairman Ueli Bührer opened the parish. Mayor Werner Künzler welcomed the veterans to his community. He appealed to keep the traditions in the clubs high and wished the meeting a pleasant stay and a good outcome. A good number of guests of honor, led by Councilor Monika Knill and President of the Grand Council Max Arnold, were honored. In her greeting, Monika Knill brought the best greetings from the Government Council, the Grand Council and the Sports Office. She paid tribute to the many hours of volunteer work by the veterans and documented with some pictures that gymnastics can still be done in old age. Now sociability and the cultivation of camaraderie are in the foreground. Franconia for youth development At the beginning, those present remembered the 19 gymnastics comrades who had died since the last rural community in 2014. In the absence of the bag master Ernst Gerber, scribe Thomas Roth read the annual accounts. With income of Fr and expenses of Fr, she closed with a loss of Fr. Last year 2000 francs were donated to various friendly organizations for honoring the elders of the conference. There are twelve gymnastics veterans, twelve unique gymnastics careers (from left to right): Jean Widmer, Kurt Iseli, August Keller, Albert Sieber, Emil Greuter, Hans Keller, Willi Sonderegger, Walter Holderegger, Kurt Hennauer, Adolf Leubli, Ernst Bürgisser and Paul Hasler . 24 images: Andreas Taverner

25 Hugo Wipf (right) is appointed honorary chairman by Ueli Bührer. end-of-line funding paid out. The annual fee of CHF 10 is retained despite the setback in the fund. After the break, Vice Chairman Hans-Ulrich Wartenweiler took on the nicest item on the agenda: honoring the elders. All those present between 1935 and 1926 received a present. Twelve gymnasts born in 1925 and older were allowed to receive the congratulations on stage with a jar of honey from the hands of the ladies of honor. Willi Sonderegger, Weinfelden, born in 1921, was honored as the conference elder.Hans-Ulrich Wartenweiler was able to read out a long list of 54 new members. The association has a new membership of 912 veterans, which is a new record. Robert Gasser new in the chairmanship brought greetings to Claudia Schreiner, Vice-President of the Thurgau Gymnastics Association and Hanspeter Frei, chairman of the Veterans Association of the Zurich Gymnastics Association on behalf of the befriended neighboring cantons. Arthur Kämpf has resigned from the chairmanship of this rural community after 15 years in office. Robert Gasser, Weinfelden, was proposed and elected as a new member. Since this year is an election year, Hans-Ulrich Wartenweiler, Vice Chairman, Ernst Gerber, Säckelmeister, and Thomas Roth, Schreiberling, were confirmed in their offices for a further three years in globo. After one year, Ueli Bührer also made himself chairman available for another three years. Hans-Ulrich Wartenweiler thanked the chairman for his willingness and for his careful guidance with a sweet gift from Gottlieben. Arthur Kämpf was thanked for his long commitment to the gymnastics veterans' association Thurgau and was given a voucher for a boat trip on the Untersee / Rhine including pocket money. Memories exchanged Since last year the resigned long-time chairman Hugo Wipf could not be present because of a hospital stay, his honor as honorary chairman was postponed to this rural community. With great applause, the gymnastics veterans thanked him for his great commitment. By singing the gymnast's song, the chairman was able to conclude the business part of the meeting. At the subsequent aperitif, donated by the Felben-Wellhausen community, memories were exchanged. The chairmanship thanks all veterans for their participation and wishes all the best, especially good health, and is looking forward to the Landsgemeinde 2016 in Salenstein. Ueli Buehrer 25

26 2015 annual program July 5th to 10th Basic apparatus gymnastics training Münchwilen 6th to 10th Basic children's sports training Frauenfeld 6th to 10th Basic gymnastics training Frauenfeld 12th to 18th STV 15th Gymnaestrada Helsinki (Fin) various days Fistball summer championship various locations August 2. to 8th youth youth camp Tenero Tenero 5. Communication Splitter 7 Editorial deadline 15th TLAV TG final Fastest Thurgau and Kreuzlingen Mille Gruyère 16. TG game playday Romanshorn 19th TLAV TG final UBS Kids Cup Amriswil 19th possibly Xund & Fit Nia Weinfelden 21st Athletics TG LMM final Weinfelden 22nd and 23rd Getu TGM equipment individual gymnastics Ti / Tu Weinfelden 22nd and 23rd Muki / Vaki basic course, 1st weekend in Müllheim 23rd basketball TGM basketball final round various locations 23rd TLAV TG / SH relay championship Schaffhausen 30th STV SM basketball youth Grindel various days fistball summer championship various locations September 5th STV basketball NLA / NLB final round Brugg women / men 5th LA and TLAV TG JuLA-Cup Weinfelden 9th Communication Splitter 8 Editorial deadline 11th TGTV meeting budget planning Weinfelden 12th ENV SM Steinstossen Herznach 12th and 13th STV SM club gymnastics Yverdon 12th and 13th STV Swiss final LMM Interlaken 18th active TGTV TMM Islikon 19th Getu autumn competitions EGT Ti / Tu Tägerwilen 19th Swiss Athletics CH-Final Mille Gruyère open 26 I've moved! Have you already reported your change of address for the splitter? Address changes are to be done by the person responsible in the association directly in the database of the STV: Address data for members fi regional journal: Membership subscription. (The TGTV no longer has its own address database.)

27 Club equipment. All from a single source. Price list for advertisements in the newsletter of the Thurgauer Turnverband Published 11 times a year Editing: Circulation: around 1700 copies Hanspeter Trionfini, Postfach 27, 8595 Altnau Telephone, fax Page A5 à Fr Fr per year Discount for annual subscriptions: 400. Fr Page à Fr Fr per year discount with annual subscription: CHF 200. page at CHF 50. per year discount with annual subscription: CHF 100. For half a year (6 issues) the discount is reduced by half. 27

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