What's your favorite Dropkick Murphys album

GL.de: What was the best moment in the history of the Dropkick Murphys?

Meet Bruce Springsteen, Joe Strummer, The Pogues, Rose Tattoo and Cock Sparrer, play in Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox baseball stadium) and certainly a lot more. We were just so lucky and we will be forever grateful for that!

GL.de: What was the best decision you made for the band?

Going from a band of four people to a band of five people. And then with six people, seven people ...

GL.de: What is the best Dropkick Murphys album so far?

I don't actually have a favorite album, just favorite songs, but if I had to choose one, I'd go for "The Meanest Of Times". That doesn't mean that all of my favorite songs are on the disc, but as an album as a whole, it's arguably the best.

GL.de: Which is the best Dropkick Murphys song?

It's hard to say when you're in the band, of course, but my personal favorite is "Wheel Of Misfortune" from "The Gang's All Here". Probably our best song will be "The Worker's Song" from the "Blackout" album, because it best represents the band lyrically, musically and in terms of attitude.

GL.de: What was your best show so far?

Again something that I find difficult to answer! Although, in Munich we played our biggest gig so far - excluding the festival shows - in front of almost 5,000 spectators. We were so honored that so many people had come just for us. Outstanding!

GL.de: What is the best situation to listen to the Dropkick Murphys?

Different songs have different moods, but if you have a few beers with a few people it should work.

GL.de: What is the best band in the world?

For me it's AC / DC. Everyone will know after two seconds that it is you! And although they are influenced by people like Chuck Berry or Duane Eddy, they have developed their own, very special sound that so many different people from different scenes think are great.

GL.de: What is the best album of all time?

"Pet Sounds" by the Beach Boys. It probably influenced the music more than we are currently aware of.

GL.de: What is the best sport in the world?

Ice Hockey! It combines skill, commitment, strength and real excitement!

GL.de: What's the best place in Boston?

I like the T.C.'s lounge. This is not a stupid and fake Irish bar that tourists get lost in, but a small bar with cold beer and a good jukebox where Bostonians meet. It belongs to Tony and he sucks! Also, the Spike's Junkyard Dogs hot dog shop is around the corner. For example, I had my bachelorette party at T.C.'s a few weeks ago and, as always, had a damn good time ...