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The current company, FedEx Corporation, was founded in 1971 under the name Federal Express. The US logistics company operates worldwide with well over 250,000 employees and had sales of $ 42.68 billion in 2010. With us you can track your FedEx shipment free of charge and receive a wide range of information about the FedEx company.

FedEx tracking

With every FedEx delivery, a twelve-digit, unique numerical code with which it is possible to track where the parcel is currently located - worldwide.

Tracking number makes tracking possible

Since FedEx often has to deliver deliveries in a time-sensitive manner, it is mainly for Business customers It is important that traceability is possible with many details and at all times. Due to digitization and automation in the logistics industry, such a query is time-independent. This is important because many customers live in different time zones and are therefore dependent on information from the Internet.

The enterprise differs however between customers Canada, United States and the rest of the world. If you do not belong to these two countries, you will only be followed up with FedEx Express offered, which limits the service a bit. However, if you have access to the transmission data, it is possible to view and save every section in the transmission process. It is also possible for the customer to set up their own FedEx account. This ensures better service, as it is easier to establish contact with a service employee.

Find a tracking number

The unique tracking number can be found either on the FedEx invoice or can with the Customer hotline can be requested. The parcel tracking is therefore very easy to access on the Internet. Recipients receive the number from the sender. However, if this does not happen automatically, the sender must be contacted. When waiting for an order from overseas, package tracking is a useful tool for customers to see when the shipment will arrive. Thus there is no uncertainty as to when the delivery will be due. It is also possible to be automatically notified when the send status changes.

If it is of legal importance when or whether the package was delivered, the shipment tracking also delivers a delivery receipt. This means that you are legally protected and can prove that a shipment has been delivered.

FedEx Desktop - Be informed even faster

To make tracking even more convenient, FedEx provides its own software. FedEx Desktop brings tracking information straight to your computer. After a download, the current tracking numbers can be entered into the program. The software is a simple widget. A widget is a graphic window that is placed visibly on the desktop. Unlike the Explorer or other programs of the operating system, a widget can constantly interact with the Internet and, if desired, updates itself immediately when new information is available. If the status of the delivery changes, it is delivered directly to the desktop of the computer. This means that you do not have to re-enter the data and the effort is significantly reduced. This makes monitoring parcel tracking even easier. Download: Download from FedEx Desktop

Problems that may arise with deliveriesIn contrast to buying goods in a shop, the recipient depends on it Take delivery of the package to be able to. This is often difficult, especially for employees, as the delivery is often made during the day. With the shipment tracking from FedEx it is possible to estimate when a shipment will arrive. If you are still not on site to accept the package, shipment tracking comes into play again. The recipient can now see whether someone else has accepted the package. Was the package at a neighbours delivered, the recipient knows where to find it.

However, it can also happen that a package has been rejected. Neighbors are not obliged to accept parcels and couriers are only allowed to hand over parcels to adults. If the child is already back from school, this does not automatically mean that they can also receive the shipment. In the event that the tracking number is no longer outputting any data, the only thing that will help is picking up the phone and calling the FedEx hotline.

Track the parcel's route

Even if a shipment is not time-sensitive and the recipient is flexible, it can be very interesting to keep track of which route a package takes. If, as a European, you order an item in Canada and it is sent with FedEx, the customer can request some interesting information. About which one city the package was posted, in which sending center it was processed and in which plane it was loaded. This sequence can then be followed in reverse order to the recipient in Europe.

The direct route does not always have to be chosen, as logisticians often try to group packages in order to save costs. With Tracking code you can also see and track these detours. So everyone has the opportunity to take a look at the complicated world of logistics. Every parcel that reaches its recipient in this way has a story and becomes something special.

FedEx Company - Most cargo planes in the world

FedEx Corporation is measured by sales of the second largest logistics group behind DHL. In terms of the number of cargo planes in the Air Freight Division of the company even proves FedEx First place making it the largest cargo airline in the world.

FedEx company history

For such a large company, the industry giant has a relatively short history. FedEx was founded in 1971 under the name of Federal Express. Frederik W. Smith opened his company in Little Rock, Arkansas, but relocated with Federal Express to Memphis, Tennessee two years later. The time of the foundation was well chosen, because one took place in America in the seventies severe deregulation of the air transport sector instead of. Right from the start, Smith relied on modern jets to transport cargo and was thus able to trump with speed. In the following years of moving to Memphis, FedEx grew rapidly thanks to many government contracts. In 1989 the parcel service took over the international air freight company Flying Tiger Line. Further acquisitions followed nine years later:

  • Caliber system
  • Caliber Logistics Inc
  • Roberts Express
  • Viking Freight
It was not until 2000 that Federal Express became FedEx Corporation, or just FedEx for short. The shopping tour was not over yet. FedEx acquired the company four years later Kinko's, which dealt with copy, print and binding services, and incorporated the company under the name FedEx Kinko`s into the group.FedEx servicesLike other freight companies, FedEx offers a wide variety of services related to moving freight. This includes an international shipping service Packages up to 1000 kg. A national service with parcels and pieces of freight up to 68 kg, with the option of grouping almost ten thousand parcels on one national waybill. FedEx also offers one worldwide export and import shipping service as well as a unified system for customer returns. The company takes on essential logistical tasks from Contractors and acts on its behalf. FedEx offers special services for industry and especially for high-turnover branches or branches of industry with special freight conditions. For example, the shipping of parts from the Aerospace. FedEx not only offers complete freight handling, including the Freight documents and customs clearance on, but guaranteed the Shipping times. Another important industrial area is the automotive industry, which is based on highly rationalized manufacturing processes that ensure the absolutely punctual delivery of parts from the supplier industry. In addition to the aviation and automotive sectors, FedEx focuses on luxury goods, medical products and the high-tech industry, to which it offers services that are specially tailored to their goods and needs.The FedEx Supply Chain Service

FedEx doesn't just offer shipping. With the company's supply chain service, companies can relocate entire logistical processes to FedEx and thus create resources in their own operations. How FedEx offers:

  • Cold chain service
  • Logistics service for critical stocks
  • International Priority DirectDistribution (a shipping service that combines individual international shipments from a company into bulk shipments, thus saving freight costs.)

Make sure that all shipments arrive on time and don't get stranded on a lonely island with a FedEx employee as in the movie "Cast Away" 643 aircraft from the single-engine Cessna to the largest twin-engine airliner in the world, the Boeing 777, as well as countless trucks in almost every country in the world.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about FedEx

Table of Contents:

  1. FedEx delivery times in Germany?
  2. Which dangerous goods can only be shipped with FedEx?
  3. Are there any FedEx customs duties, import sales tax due to freight costs?
  4. Can I also pick up my FedEx package?
FedEx delivery times in Germany?

Basically, FedEx delivery times are normal working hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If there is a lot to deliver, these times can also be exceeded. If the deliverer does not meet the company customer, he will leave a message in the mailbox that there has been a delivery attempt. A total of three attempts are made to deliver the parcel to corporate customers. If the attempts were unsuccessful, the package will be taken to the nearest FedEx branch. It can be picked up from there or another delivery must be agreed. If delivery is to be made to a private address, only one delivery attempt will be made. The parcel is brought to the nearest branch by the delivery agent, from where the customer can pick it up during the specified business hours.

Which dangerous goods can only be shipped with FedEx?

As a member of the International Air Transport Association, IATA for short, the transport company FedEx is one of the few companies that is allowed to transport dangerous goods worldwide. This additional service, the shipment of Class 1 to 9 dangerous goods, is offered by FedEx in 90 countries. However, the most important markets are Europe, Asia and North America. The dangerous goods include, among other things, explosive substances, flammable gases, non-flammable gases, poisonous gases, flammable liquids, infectious and poisonous substances. When shipping these and similar dangerous goods, the highly qualified specialists at FedEx are available to advise and support the sender so that the dangerous goods shipment arrives reliably and, above all, safely. In most cases these substances have to be packed in dry ice or carbon dioxide and labeled with UN 1845. With the FedEx Service Priority International, dangerous goods parcels up to 68 kg can be sent. Shipping up to 1,000 kg is possible with FedEx International Priority Freight.

Are there any FedEx customs duties, import sales tax due to freight costs?

Since December 1, 2008, the maximum limit for imports into EU countries with an insignificant value has been set at € 150. There are no customs duties for goods below this value. However, this does not apply to import sales tax. Import sales tax must be paid for goods over € 22. In summary, this means that up to a value of € 22.00 neither customs duties nor import sales tax are incurred, but the freight costs are. If the value is between € 22 and € 150, import sales tax and freight costs will apply, but no customs duties. From a value of € 150, - customs duties, import sales tax and freight costs are to be paid.

Can I also pick up my FedEx package?

The sender can indicate that the package will be picked up and that delivery will be waived from the outset. After a maximum of three delivery attempts, the parcel can also be picked up directly at the nearest branch that was specified by the deliverer on the message stored.

FedEx contact & service

  • Homepage: FedEx homepage
  • E-mail contact: FedEx contact area or by email: [email protected]
  • Telephone hotline FedEx: 01806-111800 * (Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.) Note: Fixed line 20 cents / call, mobile network max. 60 cents / call. Prices from abroad vary
  • Telephone hotline FedEx accounting: 01806-111800 * (Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.) Note: Fixed line 20 cents / call, mobile network max. 60 cents / call. Prices from abroad vary
  • Press contact: FedEx press
FedEx service in other countries: