What is a UX professional

With these courses you will become a UX designer

Even as a beginner with no prior knowledge, you can start a career as a UX designer. We will show you how you can successfully complete your training to become a UX professional in a few months and which options are then open to you.

The entry-level course for UX design

Obtain the complete basics of UX design before investing money in your UX designer training. Free courses are available in the form of MOOCs at elite universities or at major software companies. But there are enough sources on the internet even without registering for a course beforehand. A search for “UX Design for Beginners” in Google or YouTube and you cannot save yourself from free information on the subject of user experience.

Training as a UX designer

If you have informed yourself and would like to familiarize yourself more deeply with the topic of human-centered design, then you should choose a course that, in addition to UX knowledge, also brings a good name and a certificate with it. The Interaction Design Foundation is a very good choice to convince the future employer or project customer of your UX competence.

Further training to become a UX professional

In addition to training, it makes sense to be clear about your future career path. If you want to earn good money as a UX designer, you should be familiar with this broad field of knowledge or, better still, specialize. The UXD area includes topics such as web analysis, user analysis, behavior research, color theory and color harmony, interaction design, UI development and much more. Hundreds of other courses are available here, for example at Coursera, which train you to become a UX all-rounder or specialist.

Career as a UX designer

So what you do with your UX knowledge is entirely up to you. Creative activity, programming, conception or working with people in usability testing. With this equipment, nothing stands in the way of your career as a UX designer, whether you are looking for a permanent position as a UX designer or want to work independently in the field of UX design. The need for skilled workers is gigantic. Every web agency, app forge and countless software manufacturers are looking for UX specialists.