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What are the best universities for an MS in mechanical engineering in Germany (a list of 10 universities)?

First and foremost, German universities usually offer Master’s degrees specializing in Computational Mechanics, Structural Engineering, Space Engg, automotive engineering, renewable energies, etc. It is not just about Masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering like India where you will choose a project in the 2nd or 3rd semester of your specialization. So your first step must be to choose a course specialization.

Once you're done with that, the ranking will differ significantly depending on the course. For example, the RWTH Aachen, Esslinghen and the FH Aachen are best suited for automotive engineering and so the ranking varies.

In general, the TU9, the nine technical universities in Germany, are considered to be the elite, and if you choose one, consider yourself lucky. Your list can also vary best depending on your knowledge of German. Some courses are offered entirely in English, while many require a specific language level such as A2, B1, etc.

To complete, your target university should be the one that best suits the course you are planning to study. It should have no tuition fees (many TUs have also introduced tuition fees for international students), preferably in English with good industrial ties. Here's a more general list if you can search for TUs.

  1. TU Munich
  2. RWTH Aachen
  3. TU Stuttgart
  4. TU Hamburg
  5. KIT
  6. TU Dresden
  7. TU Braunshweig
  8. TU Berlin
  9. Lebiniz University of Hanover
  10. TU Berlin

This is just a list and not an actual ranking. All are good based on your choice. Aside from these, there are other universities that are good too.

All the best.