Male flight attendants can wear make-up

Norwegian Airlines stewardesses no longer have to wear high heels

Flight attendants at Norwegian were only allowed to wear flat shoes if they had a doctor's certificate. Otherwise, high-heeled pumps outside the aircraft with a heel height of at least two centimeters were mandatory. That was even in the budget airline's 22-page dress code.

But that's over now, the clause has been deleted: From now on, flight attendants can do without heels - and sore feet. They also no longer have to put on make-up. As the "Independet" reports, female employees will in future be able to completely omit make-up, while male employees will also be allowed to wear "light make-up".

Petition against strict dress code at Norwegian

"As a responsible employer, we are in constant contact with our employees in the cabin to see how we can improve our dress code," said a spokesman for Norwegian about the change.

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Before that, there was a lot of criticism for the airline's strict dress code. More than 19,500 people signed a petition to allow women to wear flat shoes.

Pants as a standard for the uniform

Other airlines such as Aer Lingus and Virgin Atlantic have also abolished the make-up requirement for flight attendants. Trousers are also part of the uniform standard for stewardesses at both airlines.