Is almond good for skin lightening

Almond oil: an all-rounder for skin, hair and in the kitchen

Almond oil makes brittle hair and dry skin supple again. But not only that: The nutty taste of the oil also gives sweet and salty dishes that certain something.

However, the cultivation of almonds in monocultures and long transport routes make the oil a climate offender. The good news: if you follow the tips below on buying almond oil to heart, you can use the fine oil with a clear conscience.

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These valuable ingredients can be found in almond oil

Almond oil is a cocktail of different saturated and unsaturated Fatty acids, Vitamins and Minerals. They give the oil its nourishing effect, supply the skin with sufficient moisture and protect it from environmental influences.

The ingredients at a glance:

  • Almond oil has a high Oleic acid content. Among them are mainly the unsaturated fatty acids Linoleic acid and Palmitic acid To be emphasized: They protect the skin against free radicals and strengthen the barrier function of the skin and cells.
  • The included Vitamin A, also known as beta carotene, plays an important role in cell renewal and accelerates wound healing.
  • Vitamin E. is why almond oil is also called Anti-aging agents is used. It donates valuable moisture and strengthens the connective tissue of the skin. Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant that traps free radicals and thus prevents skin aging caused by light.
  • It also contains almond oil vitamin Bthat supports the absorption of other vitamins.
  • The fat-soluble Vitamin D has a strengthening effect on our immune system.

Use almond oil for personal hygiene

Almond oil is a very mild oil that is suitable for face and skin care as well as for hair care. Dry skin and damaged hair in particular benefit from the valuable ingredients in the oil, which is often found in shampoos, creams and lip care sticks. The oil from the sweet almond is also ideal for body care on its own.

Tip: Almond oil is a good base if you make body lotion or massage oil yourself.

Pamper the skin with almond oil

Since almond oil is very similar to the skin's own lipids, it is quickly absorbed without clogging the pores. Therefore, almond oil is not only suitable for the care of dry, flaky skin, but also for combination skin and blemished skin.

Face creams, body lotions and creams with an anti-aging effect are no longer necessary thanks to almond oil. The natural oil supplies sensitive skin with moisture, strengthens the connective tissue and ensures firm skin. To prevent excessive lipid replenishment, the oil should not be applied too thickly - especially if you use it on the face.

Tip: Apply the pure oil to the cleaned one, still damp skin on. It is particularly well absorbed by the skin.

Pure almond oil is also suitable as a make-up remover. Simply put a few drops on a make-up removal pad and remove make-up residues from the skin.

Make hair shine with almond oil

The positive effect of almond oil is not only reserved for our skin - the oil also gives hair new shine. If strong styling, UV rays or the cold affect the hair, just a few drops of almond oil are enough to bring moisture back into the hair.

For a hair mask, massage roughly 30 ml (two tablespoons) almond oil into the lengths and ends of the hair as well as into the scalp. Leave the mask on for about an hour and then rinse off the oil with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.

Tip: For more intensive care, leave the mask on overnight and only rinse it off the next day. A headscarf ensures that the pillowcase stays clean.

Alternatively, you can put a few drops of the oil in the hair after each hair wash damp hair ends give and allow the hair to air dry. Do not put the oil directly on your hair, otherwise it will become slightly greasy. In order not to weigh the hair down, rub the almond oil into the palms of your hands before applying and knead it evenly into the tips.

Use almond oil in the kitchen

Almond oil made for consumption is made from bitter or sweet almonds. During production, bitter almond oil is removed from hydrogen cyanide, which in too high a concentration is harmful to health. Almond oil has a slightly nutty, often sweet taste.

Almond oil is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, potassium and Vitamins - and also tastes particularly fine. In the kitchen it is particularly suitable for cold dishes, for example in salad dressings or sweet and salty dips and spreads. You can also use almond oil for light steaming. However, most of the healthy ingredients are lost when heated to a high temperature.

Not only cold-pressed almond oil but also the almonds themselves strengthen thanks to our healthy fats Cardiovascular system

How sustainable is almond oil?

As versatile and effective as almond oil is, it doesn't do well when it comes to sustainability. The problem: Most of the almond trees (Prunus dulcis rosaceae) come from California. The almonds that are harvested here make up around 80 percent of world market production.

The Monocultures from almond trees, which extend over around 300,000 hectares of land there, endanger biodiversity and, with the use of pesticides, cause the death of bees on site. In addition, cultivation in the dry US state requires a lot of artificial irrigation.

If you still don't want to do without the positive effects of almond oil, you can look forward to it: Also in European countries like Spain and Italy, almonds are grown. If you run out of cold pressed oil Organic almonds grab, you will get the best quality.

Buy almond oil: We can recommend these products

The organic seal guarantees that no pesticides were used in the cultivation of the almonds. So definitely put on Organic almond oil from Europe.

Organically grown almond oil is available from Ölmühle Solling, for example. It is made from sweet almonds that come from Sicily or Spain. The natural oil is suitable for consumption, body and face care and for the care of delicate baby skin. You can get the oil from bio-oel for 10.50 francs per 100 ml.

The natural power plant almond oil also comes from biodynamic cultivation and is cold-pressed from Demeter almonds. The almonds from Sicily are processed into the fragrant oil in the Zurich Oberland. You can get the almond oil in the online shop Naturkraftwerke for CHF 35 per 250 ml.

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