What is indoor hydroponic gardening

Hydroponics indoor garden

Hydroponics is a system in which the roots of the plants grown do not grow in soil, but in water. The water is kept in constant motion so that oxygen and nutrients wash around the roots.

Hydroponic systems for the indoor cultivation of herbs and vegetables have a tub in which a permeable vessel is hung. There is some rock wool, perlite or coconut soil in the plant container. The substrate is used to keep the seeds moist and to give the first roots a hold.

If the plant and with it the roots grow larger, they can spread in the tub. Here, water is circulated with the help of a pump that brings in air bubbles. This keeps the water moving and is also enriched with oxygen.

Plant light #

There are LED plant lights above the plant. Their spectrum is very well tailored to the plants. White light makes the plants appear more natural than the most effective blue and red light. Plants can best implement blue and red waves during photosynthesis. For example, almost no green light at all. White light is a mixture of different colors, which can be implemented less well in photosynthesis.

In the kitchen, herbs and vegetables look more natural in white light. Ideally, hydroponic systems with lighting should also use red and blue LEDs for faster and more abundant growth.

AeroGarden with hot peppers

The light and plants also have a stimulating effect in the office and drive away tiredness caused by lack of sunlight

Many hydraulic systems have a unit to switch the light and pump on and off. At the same time, you will be reminded when new fertilizer is needed. With hydroponic fertilizers, special nutrient solutions are used, which optimally respond to the conditions of cultivation in water.

Indoor vegetable garden

With an indoor vegetable garden you can bring freshness into the house. All the year long.

Smart home garden

Smart indoor gardening enables plants, herbs and vegetables to be grown in the house.

Indoor herb garden

In an indoor herb garden, they grow fragrant herbs in the house and in the kitchen.