What is the Scrum Framework

What is scrum

The best-known agile framework briefly explained

Scrum is one of the most well-known agile methods today - and with good reason: thanks to its simple structure and clearly defined roles, the Scrum principles can be learned quickly, used productively and thus easily exploited the advantages of agility.

The core of Scrum

The focus is on the Scrum team, which acts largely autonomously through the cooperation of three roles. It decides what is implemented in which order by whom and how. The scrum master is responsible for the process. His goal is a high effectiveness of the Scrum Team. The product owner has the task of prioritizing to ensure that work is always on the most valuable. The developers make the decisions about the technical implementation and ensure quality and maintainability appropriate to the business model.

The developers work in development cycles of one to four weeks (sprints) towards a sprint goal defined in the Scrum team. The team inspects its work at regular intervals and adapts its approach and product backlog. Thanks to the continuous improvement cycle, Scrum teams achieve their goals faster.

What are the advantages of Scrum?

Scrum is relatively easy to learn and can be used quickly. Thus, Scrum can often be the first step in making development projects agile. In addition, Scrum defines clear roles (developer, product manager and Scrum master) and a well-structured but flexible development process. In spite of all the clarity, there is always the option of taking into account the specifics and experiences of your own project and thus developing your own individual Scrum process.

Our offer for Scrum

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