How do I just say goobye

Translation of "Adieu" in English

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Say goodbyeto shed a few tears ...
I just want Say goodbye... street dogs.
But I still have to Say goodbye.
I can't you Say goodbye.
We had to get here quickly and Say goodbye.
I just wanted you Say goodbye.
Why do you always have to be the first Say goodbye?
I have to her Say goodbyebefore I go.
In the Paul Vidart Spa you can relieve overexertion, stress and insomnia Say goodbye. Then stroll through the quiet and beautiful city, set in a setting of rare quality.
At the Paul Vidart thermal baths, you can say goodbye to stress, fatigue and insomnia. Then, enjoy o peaceful stroll through a quiet and beautiful town that boasts an environment of rare quality.
But that's nice that you still give me Say goodbye come!
You will come back and me say goodbye, and I'll give you a secret.
Then come back to say goodbye to me, and I will make you a present of a secret.
A dying friend Say goodbye.
I wanted Berteli Say goodbye.
She had to be her hometown Say goodbye.
She had to be her hometown Say goodbye.
She was forced to bid her hometown farewell.
Which is why I now Say goodbye must, savior.
Then we have to Say goodbye.
Then I guess we must bid you Adieu.
We never had to Say goodbye.
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