What are patient monitoring systems

Patient monitoring systems

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  • Ullrich Hieronymi
  • Rüdiger Kramme


The term “patient monitoring” describes the device-based recording of measured values ​​of organ and vital functions of the patient with automatic detection and reliable alarming of abnormal or life-threatening conditions (e.g. exceeding or falling below selected limit values ​​and occurrence of arrhythmias). The physiological variables are recorded continuously, at automatic intervals or also in individual measurements, analyzed, shown as curves and / or numerical values ​​on a display, saved as a trend and, if necessary, printed out or z. B. forwarded to patient data management systems. Classically, the focus is on the monitoring function at the bed or in the operating room, which is carried out over a short period (short-term monitoring, e.g. during an operation) or longer period (long-term monitoring, e.g. in intensive care units) and which the medical personnel get up as promptly and safely as possible to draw attention to physiologically unstable conditions. This requires a reliable and reproducible determination and display of measured values ​​and includes both the self-monitoring of the device and the monitoring of the effectiveness of life-support systems to which the patient is connected.

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