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Humility: The 5 best tips for more frugality

He who is humble makes himself small, is submissive - that is a common but wrong idea of ​​humility. Humility has little in common with submission. It is a value that is widely respected and valued. People who treat others with humility are respected. We'll give you the best tips so that you too can show more humility.

Humility - an old acquaintance

Humility - an old acquaintance

In the Middle Ages, humility was a much valued value. Religion played an important role and everyone should behave humbly before God. With the Enlightenment, this attitude disappeared and humans began to take their fate into their own hands. At that time, humility took on a negative connotation. Man no longer wanted to crawl in front of others. Humility was associated with this submissiveness and so it became less and less important.

Recently, however, more and more managers have been talking about humility. It almost seems like this value is making a comeback. Whether artists, investment bankers or politicians, the word humility is being used by more and more influential personalities. What is this phenomenon about?

According to the definition, humility means that one accepts the external circumstances without complaining about them and not taking oneself too seriously. Hence it is often associated with qualities such as frugality, contentment and devotion. In the word itself is the word courage. In order to be humble, you need a good dose of self-conquest. This is mainly due to the fact that you first have to free yourself from the common clichés and prejudices so that you can meet your counterpart at eye level. Because humility means first and foremost to free oneself from arrogance.

haughtiness comes before the event

This is an old saying and it has often proven its justification. Those who go through life with arrogance and overconfidence will not get very far, because whoever looks down on others is not respected. It often happens, however, that executives in particular, like successful managers, are haughty. Some brag about their fast cars and look down on their subordinates. But money and success do not make a good person. Those who portray themselves as idols and insist on the envy of others rarely deserve respect.

However, few people can completely absolve themselves of arrogance. Who has not already looked down at others, judged them, even though one was not entitled to do so? Who hasn't said of themselves that they had to do all the work alone in a group project, for example, and that the others were lazy? How many times have you rated someone else based on their looks? Nobody can deny these allegations. Most people are aware, however, that this way of thinking does not make friends - let alone succeed.

Humility as a deception

Humility is therefore increasingly addressed by influential personalities in their speeches. When politicians admit defeat, they usually appear “in humility” before the press. This was not only done by Karl-Theodor zu Gutenberg after his plagiarism affair but also by Christian Lindner after the election defeat in Berlin. Humility creates sympathy, shows respect and frugality. Those who respond humbly to defeat cannot be beaten - even though humility is often associated with the opposite.

So humility is anything but submission and should not be confused with humiliation. Those who are humble do not take themselves so seriously, respect themselves and others. This goes hand in hand with many positive properties. You listen attentively, don't just insist on your own opinion and meet your counterpart at eye level. This will primarily scare off narcissists who can't do much with a humble attitude. They are easily blinded in their pride and underestimate this quality. Those who show themselves humble can quickly overtake narcissists and easily leave them behind.

Humility is not always just the inner attitude, but often only an external impression. Not only is it easy to blind narcissists, but anyone can be influenced by a humble demeanor. Some people know how to use this and feign humility for their own ends. It is an apparent humility that only obscures the inner pride; a self-humiliation to get the other person's sympathy. On the other hand, if humility is an inner attitude, one can appear haughty on the outside, but be humble on the inside. The aim should be to represent one's inner attitude to the outside world.

5 tips to be more humble

5 tips to be more humble

So that you too can feel humility inside and show it outside, you should pay attention to a few things. Humility is an attitude. If you choose to face the world with humility, you have already taken the most important step. Humility is usually covered by pride and overconfidence. So if you make the decision to be more humble in the future, you should get rid of these negative traits and start to look at yourself and your environment realistically. This way you get an authentic picture of yourself. Your fellow human beings will also have the feeling that they can trust you more from now on, because you radiate authenticity and humility.

respect yourself

Respect is one of the most important points when it comes to humility, because those who show respect for themselves and others can also be respected. So if you respect yourself for who you are and are satisfied with yourself, you show yourself humility. It is important to completely detach yourself from your expectations and demands on yourself. Accept yourself as you are and come to terms with your circumstances. You probably already have everything you need. Be grateful for the things you have and learn to appreciate them.

If you are healthy, you can be grateful for your healthy body, even if you may think that you have a kilo or two too much on your ribs. Don't take yourself and life too seriously. The few pounds more do not prevent you from going through life contentedly. You are enough as you are. If you respect and accept yourself, you will also develop a feeling for the needs of those around you.

Appreciate those around you

Self-acceptance is the cornerstone on which real humility is built, because only now can you meet others with respect and humility. Without self-respect you show your fellow human beings only false, feigned humility, you are perhaps only out for your advantage and act differently than you actually are. However, those around you deserve your real humility by being honest with them, listening to them, and appreciating them. Do not crawl in front of them and do not look down at them, but meet them at eye level. Do not put your own needs before theirs. This is also important in love relationships. You should take care of your partner and admit your own mistakes. When dealing with narcissists and creeps, treat them with caution. Nevertheless, try to keep your line and meet them on an equal footing. Maybe you can be a role model for them with your behavior.

Take care of your environment

Your environment also deserves your humility. Life today is extremely fast paced. Usually there is rarely the opportunity to pause and think about your own behavior and its effects. Egoism, consumption and individualism are common traits in today's society. Many people think only of their own benefit and their effect on others. Many people forget that this behavior harms others. Consumer behavior in the western world harms seamstresses in Bangladesh and factory workers in China, for example. The plastic waste ends up in the oceans and the rainforest is being cut down in many parts of the world. This is how you take away the natural habitat of many animals.

Show humility towards those around you. Try to avoid unnecessary consumption and take time to reflect on your behavior. Spend a lot of time in nature and be grateful for seemingly everyday occurrences such as warm temperatures, sunshine in the morning or the peace and quiet in the forest. Don't just go after your needs, but reflect on their importance to you. You will find that you can cope with less.

Forgive yourself and others

Forgiveness is an important tool for expressing your humility. If you forgive, you create new space for positive feelings and an outlet for negative thoughts, hatred and resentment. It is by no means a weakness or self-sacrifice to forgive those who have caused you a lot of pain. Rather, it is a way to free yourself from suffering and move forward strengthened. Pride is only holding you back. If, on the other hand, you react with humility and forgive, even if it causes pain, you can look to the future more freely and with less legacy.

You can get rid of negative feelings in everyday life. Don't get angry about little things. For example, if you miss the train, don't be angry with yourself or others, just accept this fact and don't allow anger and anger in the first place. This is the best way to show your humility.

Be humble

With humility and frugality you show that you are not only out for your own gain and that you do not simply give in to your needs without first thinking about the consequences. Don't take yourself so seriously. If you are particularly good at something, do not flaunt it directly. You will still have enough opportunities to surprise your fellow human beings with your talents. Receive compliments with joy, but don't get too fooled about them. Arrogance leaves little room for humility.

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