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The beginner’s guide for make-up: 7 products that you need to get started

Even if that sounds cheesy, I wanted to work in the fashion or beauty industry when I was young. I still remember exactly how I devoured every issue of Instyle or Elle from the mother of my best friend at the time, because I couldn't afford them at the time and I paved my room with my favorite editors that were picked out. When I first heard from Pat McGrath and Kevyn Aucoin, I knew I wanted to be a make-up artist. The way to get there wasn't easy, because I first had to break off my studies in my home town of Erfurt and later convince my parents to be able to do an apprenticeship in Copenhagen. Moving to a foreign country at the age of 18 without speaking the language left an incredible mark on me and showed me that you can create things if you really want them. Many Danish lessons and interviews later, in which the director checked my language skills again every time, I had the contract from the make up school in my pocket.

The adventure could begin and I look back so fondly on this exciting time. There, from my talented teacher, I not only learned how to use brushes and paint correctly, but also that less is often more! Since then, I've left the hard kohl pencil on the waterline and plucking eyebrows.

In recent years, due to my full-time jobs in various editorial offices, I have used my beauty knowledge from my desk, but my make-up jobs, which I took on on the side, always made me happiest, because there is direct feedback from people and at best, a big smile as a thank you.

I have been sharing my love for beauty & fashion on my blog Primer & Lacquer since 2011, where I write about all the things that drive and inspire me in my life. This summer I'm also looking forward to the biggest challenge of my life so far - the birth of my second daughter. I'm curious to see what life is like as a family of four and whether I can keep some of my old habits in addition to being a mum.

Besides traveling, I love burrito bowls and guacamole for life and have a weakness for eyebrow products, bronzers and highlighters of all kinds. When I have to distract myself from a stupid day, I like to watch Lisa Eldridge's videos (because of their pleasant Voice), Masterchef or Hank Moody in Californication. And should I ever really be able to go out again, I'll dance to old school hip hop with my girls, just like in the good old days.

I hope I can show you a few make-up tricks here at Journelles and whet the less beauty-loving girls a little bit of fun in the colorful pots and pens or even out the one or two prejudice against make-up girls clear the way.

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