What is IKEA's best-selling product

These are the 5 best-selling items at Ikea

We all like to shop at the Swedish furniture store. But what are we actually buying?

Then you will find the top 5 best-selling items at Ikea.

1. Billy

The bookshelf has been on the market in one form or another since 1978, but we are still enthusiastic about it. Almost every student has a billy in their living room.

2. Paint

The side table is a classic when it comes to quickly getting a shelf in front of the TV. To have cheap and easy to assemble: what more could you want?

3. Klippan

The Klippan sofa has been around Ikea since 1980, but it's still very popular. The seating for cozy evenings is plain and simple - we don't really need anything else.

4. Poäng

No, this is not the capital of North Korea but a rocking chair that is produced in a ski factory and from there it reaches our living room.

5. Kallax

The series of shelves, which used to be called Expedit and which also makes a perfect room divider with its “holes”, is still extremely popular. And with what? Rightly.

What has not been included in this list, by the way, are culinary best sellers, such as the famous Kötbullar or the classic hot dogs - but we are sure that they are right at the front. You can find more articles from the top 10 here.