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lala (German)

Part of speech: adverb, part of speech: adjective

Note on part of speech:
DWDS arranges lala as an adjective, while it can be found as an adverb in Wahrig
la | la
Word meaning / definition:
1) in the phrase "so lala":reasonably, reasonably, okay, moderately good
Origin of the term:
The word lala goes to the Frenchlà là 'Half and half' back.
1) reasonably
Opposite words:
1) excellent, phenomenal, great
Application examples:
1) “How was the theater premiere?” - “So lala.
1) “How are you today?” - “So lala stop."
1) That's how my friends thought the reading was lala.
Typical word combinations:
1) so lala


  • Swedish: så där, någotsånär

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

It works for 'Der Lehrer', 'Schmitz & Family' works like that lala 'Schmitz & Family' only brings solid numbers to the people it wants, while the comedy and dramedy feed in the RTL support program is more convincing.
Oddsmeter.de, February 22nd, 2019

As recent Instagram pictures show, the German fashion label lala Berlin made a very special gift to the bride.
Gala.de, August 24, 2019

As recent Instagram pictures show, the German fashion label lala Berlin gave the 46-year-old a very special gift.
Brigitte.de, August 24, 2019

Summer has been going a little crazy this year. You could feel that at the beekeeping association in Wartenberg: The honey harvest was like that lala, as chairman Dominik Rutz reports.
Mercury, September 06, 2018

Nitro's black and white Christmas ended like that lala In particular, the classic comedy 'You don't kiss leopards' was very sobering in the afternoon.
Oddsmeter.de, December 27, 2019

Apparently quite good, because now the second album of your alter ego Wolfgang Petry is out: 'Happy Man' is like that lala ran.
stern.de, December 6, 2019

So lalaIt is said that was the mood at the telephone-car summit with Angela Merkel. For the industry, it would be helpful to act quickly.
BILD.de, May 05, 2020

A 'fifty-fifty weekend' is just around the corner. The first half is more like that lala, the second is quite easy to bear.
Radio Bremen, January 17, 2020

Bayern clear away and UEFA draws the Champions League groups. Fans both just like that lala: the Internet.
11Freunde, October 02, 2020

The usage examples were selected automatically and may therefore contain errors.

Grammar / Declinations

Inflection lala - The declension of the adjective lala

definite article
Masculinethe lalaedes lalaenthe lalaenthe lalaen
Femininethe lalaethe lalaenthe lalaenthe lalae
neuterthe lalaedes lalaenthe lalaenthe lalae
Pluralthe lalaenthe lalaenthe lalaenthe lalaen
indefinite article
Masculinea lalaerone thinga lalaena lalaen
Femininea lalaeone lalaenone lalaena lalae
neutera lalaesone thinga lalaena lalaes
without article

Dictionary entries

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bonfortionous: so-so Examples of use: 1) The food was simply fantastic! Derived words: Bonfortionosity Translations English: superb Swedish: fantastisk, superb Spanish: excepcional Turkish: mükemmel, muhteşem

sala:… (Male) Pl English: hall, 2) public, audience French: salle (female) Italian: sala (female) Spanish: sala (female) Similar terms: lala, Saal, Saga, Sala…

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