Think your cat looks majestic

  • The motive in your head: How would you like to show your cat?

Whether photo wall in the living room at home or online on Facebook, Instagram & Co. - there are plenty of pictures in which the beloved fur noses are the focus. However, the quality of the pet photos sometimes leaves a lot to be desired: poor lighting conditions, shaky movements, restless backgrounds or just boring sleep pictures. A cat in good light, sharply photographed in an interesting pose, demands a lot from cat lovers and amateur photographers - after all, cats usually have little self-interest in a good portrait photo.

So that you can still take a nice photo, you should think about what you want to express with your photo before you reach for the camera or mobile phone. How would you like to show off your cat? Would you like to have a skilful portrait photo in which the beautiful eyes come into their own? Or would you prefer to photograph your cat in action - while it is playing, climbing or jumping? Should your cat be photographed in nature or would you prefer to sit on the sofa at home? Sometimes it helps if you get inspiration from other cat photographs on the Internet. But don't try to recreate a motif 1: 1 - it usually goes wrong. After all, every cat is different - and the photo is supposed to emphasize this uniqueness.

In order to find a suitable motif for your cat, you should rather consider what makes your cat special. Does she have a particularly spotted coat? Or what does she like to do most? Is she still small and playful? Then a dynamic photo with her favorite toy would be appropriate or a photo in which the little cat looks curiously into the camera. In the case of pictures of kittens, it is nice when the proportions become visible, for example when you photograph the kitten on the teats of the mother cat or on your arm. Is your adult cat a free spirit who prefers to hunt mice all day? Then you should photograph them in the garden or in the open field. Or do you prefer to lie on your lap and let yourself be caressed? Then a motif is suitable in which your fur nose lies comfortably in the sun.