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Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern: The loudest win band slam round two

Round two at the band Slam Lautre - and what a rollercoaster ride it was for the ears! From punk to core metal to over 40 rock'n'roll, everything was there on Thursday evening. And every single music act crashed mightily through the speakers of the hard rock café. Clear the stage for a varied brawl with a band - with a crystal clear victory.

It started with a clockwork from Landstuhl. Damian Hemmer (vocals, guitar), Tobias Gieseler (guitar), Jonas Leis (vocals, bass) and Aaron Buss (drums) opened the evening and rinsed the ears of those present with the most beautiful punk “whispers”. In other words, it crashed far beyond the bar walls. With the selected songs in the almost 20-minute set, we went on a musical protest ride against the norm according to all the rules of the punk guild. For example with titles like “A man, a word” - a song that “should remind us that in many parts of the world people are fighting for something that was and was fought for in (East) Germany 30 years ago what has become a matter of course for us since then: freedom! "

The clockworkers used it to prepare for what was to come. The next band continued in a similarly political way - and it never got quieter. Because the second band of the evening was called Skimm and proclaimed themselves as "Painful Rock" pioneers. And they always lived up to this title. The rockers from Kirchheimbolanden - all between the ages of 40 and 50 - threw the audience around the ears with nasty rock manifestos from their current EP "Dessert". And it consists of grumpy numbers like “Polarity” and “Galaxy”, all of which fluctuated a bit between good, old knatter-rock from Motörhead or AC / DC - with Ike Weling's voice with an audible piercing sound. Would certainly go well with a somewhat older audience. The songs were not well received by the young band slam clientele. But that was only halfway through the slam break.

unobtrusively unpacks the political club and rattles off

With the third volume of the evening there was almost hope for a little bit of relaxation ointment for the ears. After all, the formation bears the seemingly harmless name discreetly. But there was nothing subtle here. The guys from St. Ingbert beat a lot of alternative punk rock through the room, which not only banged and rattled rhythmically, but also in terms of content. Similar to Uhrwerk, the men around front man Daniel Pieter swung the political club, with tracks like “Weltpolizei”, an angry song about German refugee policy, and “Asks the NSA”, a subtle trick on Merkel's wiretapping debacle. It was nice, rock hard and fast like lightning before thunder.

Finally, the ear shocker from Wadern follows

As for the final, it was a whole lot harder. For the swan song, the headbang faction Way To Paradise from Wadern has been brought into the house. And it caused a little ear shock with a very drastic metalcore intro. From the first note the band cracked so hard, as if a bomb had exploded in your ear. And that although bassist Jan was on vacation and the bass was recorded by the tape. But the men around "Growl" master Moe Chutzpah lost nothing of their brutality.

Songs like “Disrespect” and “Wall of Death” put so much pressure on that it actually hurt here and there in the eardrum. But obviously the evening audience and the jury were exactly after such a beautiful pain and promptly gave the "Core" boys first place with 31 votes - only one vote more than the second-placed band.

On November 2nd, the boys will go straight to the band slam finale in the Museum Pfalzgalerie. And there is sure to be a tick louder.