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Only 2 percent of German women would describe themselves as "beautiful"
Dove encourages women to discover their own beauty in a new campaign

24.02.2012 – 08:15

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Hamburg (ots)

That's what women are like: German women find it easy to find something nice in girlfriends. Discovering your own beauty, on the other hand, seems almost impossible. Only two percent would describe themselves as beautiful. 68 percent are of the opinion that every woman has something beautiful about herself. Psychologist Monika Matschnig sees this as a typically German problem. Women feel a strong pressure to be beautiful, which shapes their negative attitude towards their own appearance. In fact, it is not the media, society and friends who are the greatest critics of a woman's beauty - it is herself. These are the central statements of the worldwide Dove study "The Whole Truth About Beauty", which is part of the new campaign "I see what, what you do not see - and that's nice "was carried out. Against this background, Dove is currently showing an unusual, emotional TV commercial, starting a beauty discussion on Facebook and giving tips on how to deal more positively with one's own appearance.

"She has a very beautiful face", "She has a wonderful stomach, which I would also like to have", "I like her looks, her charisma" - go to the women from the current Dove Spot, which was filmed in Hamburg's pedestrian zones Compliments for the girlfriend easily over the lips. When asked about one's own chocolate sides, on the other hand, there is embarrassed silence up to indignation: "I think that is an impossible question."

Why does the view change so radically when women no longer look at their friends but at themselves in the mirror? Because they put themselves under pressure in the first place: 66 percent describe themselves as their strongest criticism of beauty. More than half of German women are dissatisfied with their appearance. "It is not really surprising that women would describe themselves as natural and average, but not as beautiful. Women in Germany have too little self-confidence and focus on flaws," Monika Matschnig explains the results. "Women grow up with different beliefs such as beauty is always only in the eye of the beholder. These arise through upbringing and different role model functions and internalize in the head and in the conscience of a person. If they are not made aware, then we unconsciously live by them."

The study shows that, paradoxically, women - despite this negative attitude towards their own appearance - are at the same time aware that every woman has something beautiful about herself and that they concentrate far too little on what they like about their own appearance. 60 percent think that most women don't even know how beautiful they are.

"Our goal is for women to free themselves from their barriers and no longer see beauty in others, but deal with their own appearance more confidently," explains Karin Klamer, Brand Manager Dove. "Because if you discover beautiful things in others, this should, conversely, also be possible for you yourself."

In addition to the TV spot, Dove would like to use the Facebook fan page facebook.com/dove to talk to women, discuss the results of the study, analyze and share backgrounds.

The Dove Mission

Dove helps women reach the full potential of their individual beauty by developing products that address the personal needs of their skin and hair. Because we believe that only those who feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin through the right care can also radiate this.

About the "The Whole Truth About Beauty" study Dove's global study was conducted in 20 countries in May 2010. Method: International telephone, online or face-to-face surveys among 6,407 women between 18 and 64 years of age.

Dove study "The whole truth about beauty" - the most important results at a glance:

Question / answer or statement from women in Germany worldwide Which word would you most likely use to describe your appearance? - "beautiful" 2% 4% How satisfied are you with your beauty? - "very satisfied" 5% 20% - "satisfied" 43% 47% Where does the strongest "beauty pressure" come from for you? - "By myself" 39% 32% - "From society" 17% 12% - "From friends or family" 4% 9% - "From the media" 6% 6% "I am my strongest 66% myself 54% beauty critics. " "Every woman has something beautiful about herself." 68% 80%

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