Can ginger cause miscarriages

Is Ginger Dangerous During Pregnancy? You can find all information here!

You have probably heard of the fact that you should avoid certain foods during pregnancy. Among other things, ginger. But is ginger dangerous during pregnancy? You can find all information about the topic in this article!

The effect of ginger

In order to take care of your health and that of your baby during pregnancy, a balanced diet is essential. The idea is also to enjoy a cup of ginger tea or to refine your favorite dish with a little ginger.

Basically, ginger, which is mainly grown in Japan, China and Jamaica, is known to help relieve pain or disease in Chinese medicine. In this country we often use the tuber to add the necessary spiciness to dishes.

But ginger has long ceased to be considered a pure luxury food, but is also used here more and more often as a medicinal product. Who does not know it, a ginger tea is known to work wonders with a cold. But is it even allowed to consume ginger during pregnancy, for example to combat the annoying morning sickness?

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Other positive properties of ginger

Ginger is not only known for its spiciness, but is also becoming increasingly popular in naturopathy. The spice is known to aid digestion and also makes the human body feel warm.

Already knew? The miracle from nature can also be used for headaches or rheumatic complaints. The same enzymes (acetylsalicylic acid) found in many pain relievers provide pain relief.

In addition, ginger is also known as a miracle cure for nausea. Morning sickness is your constant companion, especially during pregnancy, and it makes sense to grab a cup of ginger tea. However, this is not a good idea, especially in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

This is why you should take ginger with caution when you are pregnant

Ginger stimulates blood circulation. Above all, this effect on the cardiovascular system repeatedly causes disagreements among doctors. Because people who suffer from high blood pressure should therefore eat less of this food. Others claim that ginger only has a short-term effect on high blood pressure and is therefore completely harmless.

As you can see, even the doctors disagree on the subject. However, it looks different when it comes to ginger in pregnancy. Most doctors advise against consumption.

What are the side effects of ginger?

As you already know, ginger is a great remedy for nausea. Even if the morning sickness becomes a nuisance and you long for the miracle cure, it is strongly advised not to consume it during pregnancy. Although ginger is known for its health benefits, it can cause some complications during pregnancy. The tuber has a labor-promoting effect.

The muscles of the uterus can be stimulated by the spiciness of the ginger and, in the worst case, lead to a miscarriage. Most doctors advise against consuming ginger, especially at the beginning and during pregnancy. However, a cup or two is not a problem. However, you should discuss this with the doctor you trust.

Is Ginger Dangerous During Pregnancy?

As you can see, ginger is known as a miracle cure for a reason. Ginger is very healthy and is also characterized by its valuable nutrients. Colds, gastrointestinal complaints or nausea can be alleviated or even prevented.

Due to its health-promoting effect, it is becoming increasingly popular and contains almost everything you need during pregnancy to avoid annoying complaints. But is ginger advisable or even dangerous during pregnancy?

On this subject, the opinions of doctors and midwives differ. Some absolutely advise against it, while others even recommend a cup of ginger tea for morning sickness.

The fact is that ginger has a labor-inducing effect. A cup of tea may not lead to premature birth, but larger amounts can put the course of pregnancy at risk.

In addition, you should completely avoid ginger if you suffer from the following ailments during your pregnancy:

Caution: If your doctor has classified your pregnancy as a risk pregnancy, you should also avoid ginger. Even if it has already been established that there is a risk of premature birth, we strongly advise against consuming ginger.

How Much Ginger Is Allowed During Pregnancy?

Most doctors agree that small amounts should not be consumed during a healthy, normal course of pregnancy. But what exactly does this measurement mean?

In other words: with a tea made from fresh ginger, you should only add a few slices as a precaution and drink a maximum of one cup per day. Ginger candies can also be safely consumed. Here, too, it is advisable to limit the number of pieces to 1 candy per day.

Caution: Food supplements that contain ginger usually have a much higher dosage than fresh ginger. Pay attention to the ingredients and discuss the intake with your gynecologist beforehand.

Use ginger to stimulate labor

As you already know, the spiciness of the tuber during pregnancy can have a positive effect on the toes. It is therefore not recommended to take it in the first few weeks.

However, if you have exceeded the calculated due date, you can naturally help the birth on the jumps. The uterine muscles are stimulated by the sharpness and thus contributes to the fact that the contractions are triggered in this way.

How is that best done? Wait and drink (ginger) tea! This phrase is actually meant seriously. Sufficient ginger tea will start the birth of your baby faster than you think. Raspberry leaf tea is also suitable. It is also known for its labor-inducing effect.

Safe or dangerous?

Ginger during pregnancy is not inherently dangerous. It depends on the amount and the phase of pregnancy you are in.

In small amounts, ginger can also help with annoying pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness or digestive problems. However, you should not start taking it too early, as this can, in the worst case, lead to premature birth.

To avoid worries or fears, you should discuss all of this with your doctor and listen to your gut feeling.