What unattainable dream do you have

Dream unreachable

It doesn't matter how long it has been since you dear dreamer * saw your dream bleed to death! Now is the time to revive him. It is your dream and nobody has the right to take it from you. Only you can put your dreams aside because they have changed or you say that they no longer suit you.

How can you revive your dreams?

First of all, you should be aware of what the situation was then:

  • Who did you talk to back then?
  • Have you been alone or in a group?
  • What was the situation like (did you speak calmly and seriously or did you just “casually”)?

Now you evaluate the situation at that time:

  • Was the situation appropriate to discuss something as important as your dream?
  • Is the person himself a dreamer and is pursuing his / her goals or is he / she satisfied with their everyday life and cannot understand it at all?
  • How old were you and the person you were talking to? Was she / he really able to assess the situation?

You see, dear dreamer, there are many reasons why someone could unconsciously have "destroyed" your dream. And you buried him right over that one conversation.

Would you do that again today

Since I've been working on my dreams, I've often had negative reactions. Sometimes because the people I spoke to simply cannot understand why I am starting my own business, for example, even though I have a great, well-paid job. In other situations, because they just don't think about the fact that people are just different. And with that I want to end today's article:

Perhaps someone will tell you that his / her dream is something that you find completely ridiculous or crazy, pause for a moment before you answer, because at this moment you are holding a piece of his / her heart in your hands.

Now, not later.

Your dream come true