Can you trust a long distance relationship

How do I build trust in a long distance relationship?

Long-distance relationships mean for two lovers a high degree of discipline, perseverance, patience, absolute devotion and a lot of trust to be shown in each other. But with the latter in particular, many people have problems if their partner is not close by. If you are in a long-distance relationship and don't know how to build trust, then the following guide can be of great help.

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The way to a healthy and happy relationship

Every relationship is based on trust, because this, in addition to love, forms the foundation for a healthy and happy partnership. In a long distance relationship, however, it is even more difficult Build trustto respond and that completely unconditionally. You cannot see your partner every day and depending on the distance you are apart, your togetherness is limited to the weekends or even to even rarer moments. The fact that feelings such as longing, sadness, pain and missing quickly arise is only human.

Just as it goes without saying that doubts sometimes arise. Doubts about your partner's loyalty and loyalty. But once you begin to give any mistrust room to flourish, it can not only damage your relationship in the short or long term, it can also mean the end. It is therefore very important that you work on your trust and learn to build it up bit by bit.

Building trust is daily work

There are people who have an unshakable basic trust, apparently born in the cradle. On the other hand, there are also people who seem to have been particularly suspicious since they were born. The latter in a long-distance relationship in particular has to struggle with a lack of trust, many doubts and frequent jealousy is obvious. If you have massive difficulties trusting your partner, then not only is it poison for your relationship, but it can also drive you crazy at some point.

Building trust is not about reading a guide once, it is about a lot more, namely working on yourself every day. You should start with one self reflection. Become aware of why you distrust your partner or why you lack the necessary trust. Did you have problems trusting before this relationship or is this the first time for you too? The sincere look in the mirror is very important now, because only if you are open and honest with yourself and question yourself critically can you really successfully walk the path to building trust.

Communication In A Long Distance Relationship And Why It Helps Build Trust

Communicating, talking to each other, and listening seem to be the easiest things to do in a relationship. But communicating properly, talking to one another and listening is not that easy. There is a big difference between you and your partner talking or communicating properly. Simple banter about unimportant everyday matters of "God and the world" will hardly help you to build trust.

The verbal exchange is particularly important for you, because due to the fact that you cannot see each other every day, there is a lack of body language. The latter, however, conveys a great deal to people. Through your long-distance relationship, you have to make up for this deficit and have even more intense, deeper conversations. And you have to learn to listen carefully, understand, interpret, and listen between the lines.

With a bit of sensitivity, you can find out through a single, in-depth conversation how your partner is really doing, whether he's telling the truth, and whether he still loves and misses you. Also try as often as you can Video chats or video calls to fall back on. Sometimes a loving look into your partner's eyes is enough to shake off all suspicions from you. Of course, the opposite can happen to you and your distrust will continue to grow.

To conjure up nothing that is not there

Above all, to build trust, you need self-discipline and the ability to figure things out with yourself first. It will be of little use or it would only make things worse if you pass on every spark of doubt to your partner directly. Unless you are 100 percent sure that your partner has lied to or cheated on you, there is no reason to let your lack of trust be granted at every opportunity that presents itself. Therefore, practice self-discipline and work on the ability to clarify any doubts that arise with yourself before you act on your partner immediately each time.

Regular contact with measure and goal

In order for you to build trust in your partner, you need one regular and intensive contact between you two. Even if you are in a long-distance relationship, you still have to participate in the life of the other just as much as is the case in a classic partnership. Always be interested and get in touch regularly, but everything with measure and goal.

A lack of trust quickly leads to headlong actions or behavior similar to stalking. Countless messages and calls every day will not give you any greater confidence. You will probably only achieve that your partner withdraws further and further and is annoyed. It can be a balancing act at times, but the bottom line is that there has to be a regularity that also allows your partner to contact you. You can find out how much contact you should have with one another in our article: Long-distance relationship: How much contact you should have with one another.

Admit mistakes and build self-confidence

Nobody is perfect and mistakes are simply part of it. Emotions such as jealousy, panic, doubt and suspicion are human and show to a healthy degree how much one person can love another. There is no shame in making mistakes, it's just a shame not to stand by them. Always remember that your partner makes just as much mistakes as you do and that it characterizes your relationship when you can admit them to each other.

But despite all the tips and advice, you can only successfully build trust if you use your Strengthen self-confidence. You live in a long distance relationship because you love your partner but also because you are strong enough for it. You have the strength and the character to bridge even the greatest distances with your love and trust.

You are a seasoned personality and have embarked on the adventure of "long-distance relationships" because giving up is not an option for you and your optimism is a vivid example for all doubters in this world. You trust yourself 100 percent, which is why you can put exactly the same trust in your partner, because doubts and mistrust have no more place in your life!

How do I communicate properly in a long distance relationship?

In addition to the daily conversations about your everyday life, you should always have deeper conversations. You have to learn to listen carefully, understand and interpret.

What are the consequences of a lack of trust?

A lack of trust in a long-distance relationship often leads to headlong actions or behavior similar to stalking.

What can I do to build trust?

In addition to the right communication, it helps to reflect on oneself and one's own behavior and to strengthen one's self-confidence.