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The 10 most successful German tweets of 2018

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The top 10 tweets from Germany

We measure the success of a tweet by the engagement, the sum of all retweets and likes that a tweet received. We collected our results using the Talkwalker analytics tool. Have fun while reading!

This year there is a little bit of everything, no matter if funny tweets, sad stories or heated political debates, there is a story behind every tweet. As a small bonus, there is the top 5 German footballer tweets (which almost all tweet in English).

# 10 by @florianaigner

Our place number 10 comes from the Austrian physicist and author Florian Aigner, who uses a leaf blower to explain what is going wrong these days. The funny tweet has so far achieved an engagement of 22.1k and is a deserved 10th place.

The perfect symbol of our time is the leaf blower: it moves a problem from one place to another without solving it, requires valuable energy for it and makes a lot of noise.

- Florian Aigner (@florianaigner) November 14, 2018

# 09 by @zzaurak

An old friend is in number 9, as we already noticed him in our buzz of the month. The user @zzaurak shows us his progress so far with his fluid simulation in an LED cube. He doesn't seem completely satisfied yet, but the community has already celebrated his programming skills with 23.4k likes and retweets.

So slowly it goes in the direction of #Fluidsimulation with the #LEDCube .... pic.twitter.com/ZFo4duUPHI

- zaurak (@zzaurak) January 7, 2018

# 08 by @MaditaSternberg

The user @MaditaSternberg moves almost 20k people with her sad tweet and thus generates 23.4k engagements. In her tweet, she describes a short conversation with her grandmother who is afraid of the return of National Socialism.

When your grandmother sits worriedly in front of you in assisted living and says "You're doing something against the Nazis, aren't you? They are not allowed to come back to power. I'm too old to flee again." then you just have very wet eyes first.

- Madita Sternberg (@MaditaSternberg) September 6, 2018

# 07 from @raulde

@raulde is a kind of celebrity in our ranking with 32.3k followers. Raul Krauthausen is a German activist who is committed to various social projects. He himself is seriously ill, but still manages to put a smile on the face of thousands of people with this tweet. His tweet reached 23.7k engagements.

Be honest: you all have this dream too. I live it!
The # freezer compartment was unfortunately too small. But now I can report that the light in the refrigerator is always on. Everything else is #fakenews !! pic.twitter.com/WuRL6xZADC

- Raul Krauthausen (@raulde) July 27, 2018

# 06 by @ArminRohde

In number 6 we find Armin Rohde, a German actor who makes sarcastic comments about critics of the refugee crisis. An engagement of 24.1k shows that many are critical of his tweet, as shown by many of the responses.

Germany has a budget surplus of € 36.6 billion this year.
More than ever since reunification, when the refugees really got us into it.

- Armin Rohde (@ArminRohde) August 24, 2018

# 05 by @PatzillaSaar

Also connected with the refugee crisis is our 5th place with 24.5k engagements from the user @PatzillaSaar. On the other hand, she expresses herself less critically, but tells a wonderful story about her encounter with two Syrian refugees whom she was able to help to integrate successfully in Germany. To read the full story, you need to look through the threads of the tweet.

So far, I've always had the rule that I don't tweet anything that doesn't fit into a tweet. But I have to get rid of something because it's really on my mind. So please bear with me. Thread:

- Patzilla (@PatzillaSaar) July 5, 2018

# 04 of @SchoenMuc

Johannes Schön achieved 25.7k engagements by describing the short version of the AfD - Coca Cola - Pepsi dispute. Sometimes very simple things can go viral very quickly.

-Fake Cola advertisement "say no to afd" -afd cries & complains to cola.
-Cola says "🖕afd"
-Afd angrier now. Buy a crate of cola & film yourself pouring away
- Netz laughs
-Afd makes fake Pepsi advertising "say yes to afd"
- Pepsi is looking into legal action
- Network: 🍿 # priceless

- Johannes Schön 🚲 (@SchoenMuc) December 6, 2018

# 03 from @welt

The world made it onto the podium with its video from the Bundestag by the Green politician Cem Özdemir (@cem_oezdemir), who speaks out loudly for freedom of the press and against the AfD. The video achieved a score of 26.7k on the engagement scale.

AfD initiates debate in the Bundestag about Deniz Yücel - @cem_oezdemir bursts the collar https://t.co/gxO94X0WLQpic.twitter.com/aPdVOrMhng

- WORLD (@world) February 22, 2018

# 02 of @_nasir_ahmad_

The silver medal for the most successful German-language tweets goes to @_nasir_ahmad_, who highlights the difference between radicals, terrorists and Muslims. With 33.6k engagements, the tweet definitely achieved its goal, because the message seems to have been heard.

Dear bür'e fellow citizens,

Recently, as a Muslim, I've learned that we are very similar.

You have radicals among you, so do we. You have extremists among you, so do we. You have nuts among you, so do we. Let's work zsm 🤝.
There is much to be done. # Peace

- Nasir Ahmad (@_nasir_ahmad_) September 15, 2018

# 01 from @LGDeutschland

The gold medal in our ranking of the most successful German-language tweets goes to the advertising campaign by @LGDeutschland, which has started a cooperation with the South Korean band “Bangtan Boys” to market their new smartphone LG G7 ThinQ. The tweet has an engagement value of an enormous 37.9k.

#BTS introduce you to their seven favorite features that make the # LGG7ThinQ so unique for them. Which one are you most looking forward to? @ bangtan_germany # LifesGoodpic.twitter.com/si6S0tFgTK

- LG Germany (@LGDeutschland) May 9, 2018

The top 5 tweets from German footballers

When we searched the Talkwalker Analytics platform, we noticed that many German footballers tweet in English with a high level of commitment per post. That's why we decided to add the top 5 most successful German footballer tweets as a little extra.

# 05 by @Bernd_Leno

The German keeper Bernd Leno announced his move to F.C. Arsenal in the Premiere League. At 80.5k, his announcement achieved more than twice as much engagement than the most successful German-language tweet.

Happy and proud to play for this great club @Arsenal in the future! I'll do my best and I'm looking forward to the start of the new season as a Gunner. 💪😉

- Bernd Leno (@Bernd_Leno) June 19, 2018

# 04 by @ bayer04_en

When the Brazilians were eliminated against Belgium at the Soccer World Cup this summer, Bayer Leverkusen's English Twitter account replied to a tweet from @FoxSportsBrasil. Shortly before, they had laughed at the unsuccessful World Cup start of the German team and now had to endure the return coach. A deserved place 4 with 97.2k engagement.

🎶 It's a bittersweet symphony this liiiiiife 🎶 https://t.co/S9yk7xiCCS

- Bayer 04 Leverkusen (@ bayer04_en) July 6, 2018

# 03 by @ JB17Official

Jérome Boateng got # 3 in our soccer ranking with his tweeted photo, which shows a clear (unpunished) handball in the penalty area by Marcelo from Madrid. 105.1k engagement for this post shows that he is not alone with this opinion.

No penalty?!? Come on ... 😠 # rmafcbpic.twitter.com / arST1s1FMw

- Jerome Boateng (@ JB17Official) May 1, 2018

# 02 by @matshummels

After the unsuccessful group phase exit of the then reigning world champions, Mats Hummels felt that an apology to the fans should be appropriate. Achieving an engagement of 175.4k with just one word and an emoji probably shows how much your fans needed it.

😢 sorry ...

- Mats Hummels (@matshummels) June 27, 2018

# 01 of @ MesutOzil1088

Incredible 410.2k engagements followed the long-awaited reaction of the footballer. The gold medal in the category of the most successful tweets by German footballers goes to Mesut Özil, with his statement tweet about the photo with Turkish President Erdogan.

III / III pic.twitter.com/c8aTzYOhWU

- Mesut Özil (@ MesutOzil1088) July 22, 2018

Place of honor for @ GarethBale11

The Welshman Gareth Bale also put his German skills to the test this year and with a good sense of humor he won a place of honor in our ranking! With 75.7k engagements, it is definitely worth seeing in our eyes.

Google Translate is a wonderful thing 🤣🤣 https://t.co/V3Pq8hx7K0

- Gareth Bale (@ GarethBale11) May 31, 2018

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