How do I rate my software service

We are very satisfied ! For several years we have been a very satisfied customer of Software Service 1A based in Trier. Logged into the website and placed the appropriate and cheapest operating system Microsoft Windows 10 professional in the shopping cart, ordered and made the payment. Because the minimum order value of € 30.00 was not reached, we transferred the invoice amount and, as recommended, sent the confirmation immediately by fax. The following day we received an email with all the necessary information and links for the invoice, the license certificate and the program with the activation code. We were able to install the software immediately and activate it online at Microsoft. A few days later we received the corresponding installation DVD by post for archiving and that without shipping costs. Exemplary Service; therefore we are very satisfied! Here are a few more tips from us: On computers without a DVD drive, the operating system can be set up with a bootable USB stick. There are some preparations to be made here. Microsoft recommends an empty memory stick with at least 8GB. "Provide" the downloaded ISO file with a right click of the mouse and copy the virtually created drive to a new folder to be created on C: \. Then copy the content on the level with the folders and all sub-folders \ boot, \ efi, \ sources, \ support and the files autorun.inf, bootmgr, bootmgr.efi and setup.exe to the USB stick. That didn't work immediately, neither on an 8GB nor on a 16GB and 128GB stick. The install.wim file from the sources folder generated the error message "File too big for copying"; We were able to remedy this by formatting a 64GB stick in NTFS format. All files and folders have now been transferred properly. Now make sure in the BIOS of the new computer that it can be booted from the USB stick and make sure that the correct operating system is set during setup! We wish you all the best. Kind regards Uwe B. Dönges webcad 3D STUDIO