Who is an islamist

Islamists are not representatives of any particular faith in Islam. But they represent their faith very radically and want to spread it among all people in as many countries as possible. Strict rules should also apply there. For example, people are no longer allowed to speak their own opinion in public if they do not share the views of the Islamists. Islamists reject democracy, as do religions other than Islam.

In connection with Islamists, there is also sometimes talk of a "jihad". This usually means a suicide attack. Literally translated, jihad just means "effort". This means that Muslims should make an effort to spread their faith. Islamists very often try to do this by force. In order to achieve their goals, many of them have come together in "IS". That is called "Islamic State". This organization does not shy away from violence, attacks, terror and war either. In 2015, tens of thousands of people fled ISIS from their home countries out of fear for their lives.

Many Muslims do not like to hear the term "Islamists" because it has nothing to do with how they understand their religion. The word is still used a lot in the media. This then means people who often use violence, attacks and terror to force their ideas about living together to apply in many countries and then no longer discuss them.

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