Who are the main victims of Islam

Attack on Muslim women worrying

The public remains silent on incidents

Vienna (OTS) - Thursday afternoon in broad daylight in Vienna two women were racially attacked and injured on the street. The incident took place in the pedestrian zone on Favoritenstrasse (near Reumannplatz) in front of many passers-by. Police and ambulance were present shortly after the incident, and the attacker was able to flee.

Chairman Mag.a Sevgi Kokac: "We are shocked and disappointed that such incidents are occurring. Fear is spreading among Muslim women in particular. It is particularly frightening that both women who were attacked wore a headscarf and were so well were also easily identified as Muslims. Every day there are verbal attacks and insults against Muslim women. The current brutal outbreaks of violence, however, represent a new level of Islamophobia. Many already do not leave the house alone after dark, now Such attacks happen during the day, "Kokac continues.
The young Muslim women in Austria observe with concern the increased attacks on the Muslim community and its institutions and, at the same time, the silence of decision-makers. The undifferentiated reporting in many media and generalized, fearful statements against Muslims and Islam in general, endanger peaceful coexistence in Austria.

Muslims suffer twice from the terror of ISIS: On the one hand, they are the main victims in the affected region and, on the other hand, they are the victims of Islamophobic attacks in the West due to the equation of Islam and terror. The young Muslim women of Austria call on those responsible in the media and politics to refrain from generalizations and not to place Muslims under general suspicion. The current attacks are a result of the poisoned atmosphere and the scare tactics. We call on all people to be prudent, respectful and peaceful to one another!

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