Astrological stars demand or force the why

Willy Schiettecatte


The first big problem that humans had to solve was the calculation of TIME. It took thousands of years to correctly calculate the passage of time. This study is very interesting, but it shouldn't divert us too much from our real subject: ASTROLOGY.

The search for the calculation of the passage of time was the cause of the origin of astronomy and astrology. Both were made almost at the same time. Astronomy is studied by scientists and astrology by "magicians". In the Gospel of Matthew, Hst 2, one speaks of THREE magicians who came from the east and followed a great shining star. In the beginning the magicians were the only ones available to the kings.

In the beginning there was no difference between the scientists and the magicians. Up until the Middle Ages, astronomers had no qualms about being an astrologer, because you had to live as Kepler so beautifully wrote it:

"Astrology is the daughter of astronomy. She is a whore who sells herself to anyone who can and wants to pay to keep her clever mother alive".

Many religions relied on astrology in the beginning, but the biblical ones have moved away from it. The Christians viewed astrology as a heresy.

The western religions have lost a lot of influence today and people who feel left behind are looking for an answer to their life questions in the many sects and also in astrology. It is especially people who have studied at universities who are charmed by it. They try to make their own horoscope. There is a wide range of books and publications on the subject. Critical books are almost impossible to find. People are more drawn to the mysteries than to the simple scientific fact.

The writers also urge readers to turn off their critical thinking, such as Paul Pidancet in his book "Astrology and Horoscope":
"We recommend that readers play along with the game if they don't want it to remain sterile and new difficulties appear that can only be erased by a reader who agrees with the whole book".

With this little study I will try to prove that astrology is one Illusion is and can be dangerous in itself.


When you see the picture at the beginning, you think that it is a very complicated drawing. It is a natal chart made on the basis of the date, time and place of a person's birth. This is a "natal chart"; there is this also for cities, governments and political parties! The astrologer relies on this to analyze the good and bad qualities, character and fate (blah-blah). In the outermost circle (zodiac) are the 12 constellations. You can see the division into 12 "houses", in which the symbols of the planets, sun and moon are located. The lines that connect some planets are the "aspects". I will describe all of this in detail in the following sections.!

The instructions after our radix will be written in RED.

To create the graphs, I have 11607 important people visited in the encyclopedia: "Winkler Prins" (7e press ??) of which the exact date of birth and place describe the following column.
I advise you to read these 4 sections first in order to understand the following well. Just click!








1. If astrology claims that there are "good" and "bad" constellations, it is a type of racism. Unfortunately, astrology is used more and more often in recruiting. Ascension occupies an important place in prophecy. The "good" ascendencies are "Aries", "Leo", and "Sagittarius". One only needs to adjust the time of birth when recruiting

In our horoscope the ascendency is "Capricorn" because the person was born on 8 pm.
You simply have to change the time to 0 o'clock for "Aries", 6 o'clock. for "Leo" or 6pm for "Sagittarius".

2. In Great Britain there are insurance companies which make the approval and the premium of a life insurance dependent on a horoscope.

3. More and more people are therefore trying to influence the birth of a child at a certain good time in the horoscope by means of a caesarean section.

4. People who are weak or who have been hit by fate instinctively allow themselves to be influenced by prophecies and, without knowing it, adapt their way of life. So you are under the influence of the stars through the medium of astrologer. Belief in astrology is an escape from reality and an encouragement to fatalism.

5. One should not underestimate the astrologers. You are very smart and have a psychological disposition. Without knowing it, people tell important things from their lives. Later, when you have already forgotten that, the astrologer tells the same things but he "read" it in the stars !!
The only thing that Astronomic is the amounts asked of the poor people by unscrupulous "astrologers" and "paraguayans".!

Baseless allegations.

1. It is often said that astrology is an exact science because it is taught in American universities or college. Because there is great freedom of worship in the U.S.A., teaching anything is allowed if you pay for it yourself. Religious sects like "the Jehovah's Witnesses", the "Mormons", the "Church of Scientology" etc. have enormous capital and have their own universities. A chair at a "university" does not mean that astrology should be viewed as a clean science.

2. The astrologer compares himself to Galilee! That’s ridiculous. Galilaei was persecuted because he defended Heliocentrism (sun in the middle) against the Catholic Church. Astrology still needs geocentrism (earth in the middle).

3. Most births take place during the "full moon". The statistics prove that this is not true. Faith comes from midwives who have too little birth numbers.

4. The sun and the moon have a great influence on the earth, but this is about a GENERAL and not at all about an INDIVIDUALIZED influence. The planets and the stars have no influence either.

5. Chance helps the astrologer for a while. When it comes to presidential elections in the U.S.
or in France and when it comes to just two candidates, the astrologer who does the
right president has prophesied triumph and the other will be forgotten.


1. In 1975 an American magazine "HUMANIST" published a manifesto "Complaints against Astrology" signed by 192 scientists, including 19 Nobel Prize winners.

2. The "Prix Théodore" was founded a few years ago. He promises to pay a price of 150,000 € to the astrologer who can prove that astrology works. Many have already tried but without success! The Flemish astrologer Greet Fransen took part in a televised debate on VRT on February 5, 2000 and was only able to answer 1 out of 7 questions correctly. She should answer 4 questions correctly.

3. The natal charts of 10 murderers including Petiot (mass murderer from Paris) have been given to various astrologers and no one has discovered anything abnormal.

4. Astrologers always say that no one can prove they are wrong. You lay the burden of proof! You don't have to prove that astrology DOESN'T WORK.

5. The planets: Mercurius, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturnus have been known for more than 2000 years because they can be seen with the naked eye. Uranus, Neptunus, and Pluto were discovered in 1781, 1846, and 1930. When prophesying, the astrologers also take account of the last planets and especially Pluto. Does that mean that the predictions for the discoveries of the last planets are incorrect? I wonder how the astrologers will react if the astronomers discover a 10th planet or if Pluto is reduced to an asteroid!

6. American astrologers use the "sidereal zodiac" (the correct one). Because the planets are in a different constellation, the commentary must also be different from the European astrologers.


The reader will have noticed the following abnormalities by now:

1. The real size of the constellations is not the same as the theoretical 30 °.

2. The vernal equinox was 2000 years ago in ARIES (Aries). Today it is in PISCES (Pisces) or AQUARIUS (Aquarius). Because the border between two constellations is a fictional line, it is not possible to determine the exact place where the spring point is.

3. The two-dimensional drawings on paper seem correct. But in reality the planets are in space, where everything is three-dimensional and where these drawings are no longer exact.

4. Astrologers rely on GEOCENTRISM where the earth is in the middle of space. The Greek astronomer ARISTARCUS VON SAMOS (300 BC) has already proven that the earth rotates around the sun: the HELIOCENTRISMUS. CLAUDIUS PTOLEMAEUS (85 - 150 AD) has placed the earth back in the middle of space for religious motifs in his book "Almagest". See the drawing on the left: "Christian and Aristotelian Cosmos" from 1521.COPERNICUS and especially GALILAYS had the courage to defend the HELIOCENTRISM against the powerful Catholic Church in the 16th century. See the drawing on the right by Copernicus made in 1543 and issued after his death.
5. The woman is still considered passive and negative in astrology because the man is active and positive. Here, too, the man wants to force the woman into an inferior position. I don't understand why so many women believe in astrology!

6. If you were born in a "bad" constellation, you should have less chance than the others who were born in a "good" constellation. If you look at the graph below of 11607 important people, you can immediately see that the distribution in the 12 constellations is almost the same. I am convinced that if you take several more people, the distribution will be the same. This proves that there are no "bad" or "good" constellations. In SCORPIUS (Scorpio), SAGITTARIUS (Sagittarius) and CAPRICORNUS (Capricorn) the number is smaller. It turns out that there were also fewer births during this period. (National Institute for Statistics).

7. In order to create a natal chart yourself, you need good documentation and a lot of time. With a P.C. and a real program, the matter is cleared up in a few minutes. If a horoscope is drawn up by several astrologers, the "natal" will be the same. The comments (blah blah) will be different. The art of astrologers is to report the comments and facts that can be applied to ALL people (a great love without success, a great journey, etc.). The customers only get the things that match and forget about the many others.

8. The astrologers are also very "strong" in studying horoscope pens from "famous" people such as : A. Hitler, Eichmann, W. Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, de Gaulle, A.Einstein, A. Rübenstein, Picasso, Marc Dutroux, etc. They are easy to read in the stars about the fate and characteristics of these people. This is an "après coup" work. I am convinced that no astrologer can tell when a child is born whether it will later become a Nobel Prize winner or a mass murderer!

9. But I can demonstrate in a very simple way that astrology is one
"Belief" is, and not science.

In the beginning, the "weak" person drew gods and devils to find an explanation for the many questions. The gods had the same good and bad qualities as man. This is how Greek and Roman mythology came about. Later, when he discovered the planets, he gave them the names of his gods and also the good and bad qualities. Astrology is based on all of this, as can be seen in the PYRAMID. If you take away the two red bars, astrology collapses.



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Thank you for your attention and I hope that I have contributed to it, was able to encourage you to think with your own brain and that you are now a FREE HUMAN.

At the end of the Dutch page you will find a bibliography of Dutch books.

Another piece of advice: Look at the sky in the morning or in the evening and look for the REAL PLANETS among the millions of stars. It's great and maybe you will become an amateur astronomer !!!


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