Life is difficult for musicians

This will make you a happier musician

These mindsets make life difficult for you

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Procrastination, perfectionism or carelessness - many people tend to make life unnecessarily difficult. Unfortunately, musicians are no exception. We'll tell you which behaviors and ways of thinking only bring sorrow.

In a very personal and self-critical video, the musician and YouTuber Steve “Samurai Guitarist” Onotera goes into different ways of thinking that unnecessarily drag musicians down.

Even if the problems mentioned are by no means universal and of course do not have to affect every musician, it helps to address them and thereby sharpen awareness.

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  1. Typical for a pop / rock musician.
    No classical musician starts out with his instrument to impress women or anyone. And no classical musician would talk so often about successes in the so-called music industry when it comes to a musical self-assessment. Fortunately, there is no such thing as the electric guitarist among classical musicians.

    • Yes, typical for classics-oriented musicians ..... there is dust when talking and the acceptance is written very small, because somehow you U's can't really do anything, luckily there is the species of the electric guitarist even if some of them take getting used to , but is better than the dusty attitudes of some classics …… .a life in black and white would be kind of stupid in my opinion ……… ..or …………

  2. The battle of mutual prejudices ends 33:33, bravo

  3. I'm a rock musician myself and did NOT have the female. Gender in focus. There will definitely be more people like me who just think the guitar is fantastic and so start. Nevertheless, I think Klaus' comment is absolutely RIGHT .. Both arguments! In part, it IS quality who is successful in M-Industry. However, NOT e.g. the amount of music carriers sold. THAT is just the mass of a certain group e.g. 8-14 year old teenagers! ! THAT is the average taste for mostly catchy productions / melodies / fashions etc. And one should be proud of that, if it works !? The average mash of the radio stations / MASS media, etc. SPECIFIED. Because you can only vote for THAT what is played to you.
    ALL sentences and points are of course NOT 100 percent ALWAYS true! Exceptions, other situations, luck, etc. always play a role and some jewel is discovered or asserts itself through other facts (I don't mean Leiks and other pubic social (un) social media.

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