Who has suffered more Itachi or Kakashi

The elders broke up the congregation. The shinobi scattered in all directions, shaking their heads. For many it was strange that the village had resorted to such cruel means. Perhaps a more harmless solution could have been found. And that Itachi had wiped out his own clan ... There can be no greater proof of loyalty to Konoha. Many were shocked, but Itachi was and is a Anbu and Anbu are a completely different level than the normal Shinoni.
The third Hokage was primarily responsible for the massacre. Itachi had arranged that with the elders. It's ironic that it was the Third Hokage, of all people, who tried to prevent all of this at the time. Danzo had been the driving force behind the massacre and the two elders. Itachi knew her hatred of the Uchiha clan. It wasn't about covering them for him. No. His concern was that if Sasuke believed the Hokage had given the order to kill her family, then he could no longer develop thoughts of revenge. Because Hiruzen Sarutobi was dead. But if he knew that the elders, especially Danzo, were responsible for it ... Itachi was afraid that Sasuke would get himself into revenge on the elder. Danzo wouldn't hesitate to wipe out Sasuke and Itachi would never let that happen. It was better if his brother didn't learn the whole truth.
As for the elders, they just wanted their prestige not to be harmed. It could be that the residents of Konoha would no longer tolerate them as a government and therefore Itachi's suggestion came in handy.

Kakashi looked depressed at the floor. He hadn't moved yet. He just couldn't believe what he had just found out. The village was responsible for the death of the Uchiha clan. Of course, if the clan were to put such plans into practice, Konoha had to act. The result could have been a war. But couldn't another solution have been found? One could only have executed those responsible. But then again, the whole clan seemed to have been engraved in the conspiracy.
The shinobi in Kakashi told him that the solution was harsh, but necessary to keep the peace. But his heart as a person condemned this act in the strongest terms. And his almost fatherly affection for Sasuke didn't make it any better. Kakashi's whole concern at the moment was about Sasuke.
Kakashi looked up. Jiraya waved him over. He and Itachi stood a bit apart. Obviously, the two of them wanted to talk to him. Jiraya put a hand on Kakashi's shoulder as he walked over to them. "Itachi would like to talk to you about Sasuke."
Kakashi eyed Itachi for a moment. His face was a cold, emotionless mask. But there was a pleading expression in his eyes.
"Let's go to my study." Jiraya suggested. Jiraya had her own study in the Hokage building. "I will accompany your conversation and try to help you."
Jiraya tried to smile. But for him, too, the situation was anything but funny. He had already learned the truth when Itachi returned to Konoha. He had been shocked, but on the other hand he was deeply impressed by Itachi. This boy was a ninja with both body and soul. And Konoha's safety was paramount. Jiraya didn't want to imagine what agony Itachi had to go through in order to be able to go that far. And, of course, what was hard on Jiraya's stomach was the fact that Sasuke also had to learn the truth, of course. Jiraya didn't know Sasuke. But he was Naruto's best friend. Naruto talked a lot about Sasuke. And Jiraya knew that Sasuke was Kakashi's absolute favorite. And from the beginning.
Jiraya had gotten to know Itachi better in the last few weeks and had realized how unhappy Itachi actually was. For Jiraya, Itachi was also a victim in the whole thing. His youth and loyalty to Konoha had been shamelessly exploited. That was the corrupted world of the ninja. Jiraya was filled with disgust when he thought of it. He also hoped that one day there would be a generation in which people would live with values. Even the shinobi. Jiraya had got along well with Itachi and had grown to love him too. He was so sorry for the story. And he wanted to help, so that for Itachi, his new beginning in Konoha could be as pleasant as possible.

They were seated at a large table in Jiraya's study. Jiraya sat next to Itachi and Kakashi across from them.
"How is Sasuke?" Itachi asked without further ado.
"What should I say to that? No matter how he is now, he will feel bad at the latest when he learns the truth. "Kakashi said seriously.
“If it had been up to me, I would not have returned to Konoha. The village wanted me back here, "Itachi explained.
"What does that change? Do you know how long it took me for Sasuke to open up to me? How long it took me for him to be at least a little bit the child again, which he actually still is. How long am I desperately trying to dissuade him from this vengeance? "Kakashi was upset." And now? How am I supposed to explain all of this to him? "
“I knew that there would be a lot of destruction in Sasuke that night. I wanted to send him on the path of vengeance because I was afraid that he would not be able to cope with the loss. I wanted him to have a purpose in life so he wouldn't die of grief. He was still so small ... "
"Exactly!" Interrupted Kakashi. "Precisely because he was so little you should never have done that to him! You are his brother!"
“I had a choice. Either I kill my clan and Sasuke can live. Or someone else does it, but Sasuke would have died too. My ... "Itachi closed his eyes for a moment before continuing." My parents were willingly let themselves be killed. They ... They wanted Sasuke to live, that was their last wish, that he could grow up safely. I thought that he could get strong through revenge to kill me and so honor our clan. And I wanted to relieve my own conscience with it. " Itachi sobbed. He cried. “But that was wrong. I should have stayed with him. I should have been there for him. "
Kakashi eyed Itachi. And his image of Itachi suddenly changed. He could see how much Itachi was suffering. And he had undertaken this massacre so that Sasuke could live. Kakashi suddenly felt very clearly that Itachi loved his little brother very much. He saw the fear and worry in Itachi's eyes.
,, I am sorry. I should have thought that this must be anything but easy for you. "
Itachi nodded gratefully and his expression neutralized again.
Jiraya, who hadn't said anything yet, spoke up. “It is important that we develop understanding for one another. I understand you both. But you have to pull together now. For Sasuke. "
Both Itachi and Kakashi nodded in agreement.
"I'll try to talk to Sasuke and explain everything to him." Said Itachi.
"I think I should do that." Kakashi objected. "I know Sasuke and at the moment I'm the only one he trusts enough."
Itachi wanted to contradict, but Jiraya interfered. “I have to agree with Kakashi on this point. He took care of Sasuke and he will know how to best deal with him. Itachi you had to remember that he hadn't seen you for five years. And if you tried to talk to him, it would surely escalate. my suggestion is that Kakashi bring Sasuke over here and talk to him. And we'll try to get you to do it later. "
Itachi nodded hesitantly and Kakashi also agreed.
"How did Sasuke develop?" Itachi asked after a moment of silence.
,, Oh very good. He is a very talented boy and he exceeds all my expectations. But he is very stubborn and you have to constantly draw his limits. But that's Sasuke. "Kakashi smiled proudly as he spoke.
Itachi nodded. Sasuke had always been very stubborn. Itachi remembered his tantrums well when he put him off again. But Itachi couldn't reprimand him, he always knew himself that he was making false promises to Sasuke. Sasuke was not raised by her mother, she was spoiled. He was her baby and she had always spoiled him terribly. Though Itachi couldn't have complained about a lack of maternal love. She really has been an excellent mother to both of her children. With her father, Sasuke would not have dared to show his bad side. Needless to say, he wouldn't have let him get away with it either. Itachi knew that her father had always neglected Sasuke. He and his mother had often asked him to do the work behind Sasuke and not turn around. But he had always put her off that there was a lot to work and that he just didn't have time. But he always emphasized that he would love Sasuke as much as Itachi. Itachi could imagine that it had never come across with Sasuke, but he knew for sure that her father had loved Sasuke very much. Sasuke had tried to get the attention her father refused to give him. And Itachi really tried to hang out with him. Her father had taught Itachi all the basics. Itach was the one who had done this to Sasuke.

And that's exactly why he knew how much he must have hurt Sasuke that night. The murder of her family was certainly the worst, but Sasuke had to believe that he had betrayed him. That he never loved him. And that betrayal had certainly shaken his brother to the core.
Everything contracted in Itachi. How much Sasuke had suffered. He loved his brother more than anything. He had always been his baby, too, and that's why he decided on the mission back then. To be able to save Sasuke.
"Did he make a lot of friends?" Itachi asked further.
“He is now very good friends with his team members. And as far as I know, he also has a few other kids that he hangs out with from time to time. "Kakashi replied.
"Why do you care so much about Sasuke?" Itachi asked, turning to Kakashi.
Kakashi was a little surprised but didn't show it. “He's my student. I care about him. He has no more family, I'll take care of him. "
“I am his family. I know that I can't expect everything to be fine all of a sudden, but I want Sasuke to get used to me again. I want to be the one who takes care of him and guides him. "
Kakashi felt offended by Kakashi's words. For him, Sasuke had long since become his family. He loved Sasuke like a son. Kakashi would continue to take care of him in the future. But he also understood Itachi's wish to be part of Sasuke's life again. To be able to be Sasuke's big brother again.
,, I understand that. But still I can't imagine a life without Sasuke. "Said Kakashi with a smile.
And Itachi had also noticed how important Sasuke was to Kakashi. He smiled too. "I'm glad you take care of him. He is sure to be in good hands with you. "
The situation turned serious again when everyone remembered that the hardest step was still ahead of them. Kakashi had to talk to Sasuke before he would find out from anyone else. He just hoped that Sasuke won't take the truth too hard. But maybe that was a little too much to ask.
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