What is explicit

What exactly is classified as "explicit" content?

The "Explicit Content" logo is used when the text or content of a song contains one or more of the following criteria that could be considered offensive or unsuitable for children:
  • Language that contains strong expressions (one word is enough)
  • Evidence of violence, physical or psychological abuse
  • Evidence of sexual behavior
  • discriminatory language
Please ensure that you mark the tracks or your entire release as explicit if any of the above statements are true. iTunes can hide your release in the shop if the content is not appropriately labeled.
As soon as you mark a track as explicit on your album, the entire publication will be marked as explicit in most shops.
Explicit content is not sold on iTunes by Belarus, Burkina Faso, India, Nepal, and Uzbekistan.
Note: If no track is marked as explicit and the "Parental Advisory Explicit Content" logo is used on the artwork, all tracks are marked as explicit.

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