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Dorothea Heymann-Reder January 26, 2015 5182 views
In the study, 118 companies using different CRM software were asked about their expectations and experiences. The respondents saw the software as particularly useful in five areas:

Quick and easy information

Information that used to have to be laboriously searched for and researched is now available at the push of a button. Entrepreneurs enjoy virtual customer files in which everything about the relevant contact is stored. If the CRM also includes full text recognition and keywording, information can be found even more easily. Texts are now even recognized on photos and PDFs. The user enters a search term and the document is displayed - and with him the associated contact. The data is saved in versioned form and is available everywhere in real time. CRM software stores more contact information than any Excel spreadsheet. Customers can be segmented and target groups defined in no time.

Transparency and consistency

All customer advisors have the same level of knowledge because the information in the CRM system is available in a transparent and up-to-date manner. When a customer advisor is on vacation, a representative can take his place and immediately see everything in the system that he needs for further processing of the contacts. Several part-time employees can share the processing. With a cloud CRM, teleworking and location-independent access are also easily possible. Several departments work hand in hand with the same information. Call center, marketing, sales, service, complaints department and customer care can pass the balls to each other.

Simplification, acceleration and automation of processes

There are CRM systems that consistently structure and support processes in the company. Contacts are recorded using text recognition, target groups are segmented at the touch of a button, and campaigns are sent automatically. Sales opportunities can be converted into offers and offers into orders - all with a click of the mouse. The processor can delegate tasks, set follow-ups and view the customer history. And with all of this, good CRM software is flexible enough to map the company's individual processes and give the staff the necessary leeway. No way of working is imposed on anyone.

Meaningful key figures

What is the order quota? What added value does the company have per sales employee? How did sales develop? When was the order intake highest? Which sales area did the best? Many questions can be answered by CRM software. The integrated reporting functions make it possible. Key figure analysis is an important means of corporate management. Anyone who observes the development of key figures in a time and industry comparison recognizes opportunities and risks more quickly and is one step ahead of the competition.

Less effort for documentation and archiving

Commercial letters and tax-relevant documents must be archived in an audit-proof manner for six or ten years. It's easy with CRM software. Documents can be edited directly from the CRM system and saved back into the system, where they are retained with the entire version history. Important e-mails relating to business contacts are transferred directly to the CRM, where they are securely archived. Documentation is where it belongs: directly on the contact, on the customer, on the project. Telephone notes, comments, receipts, contracts, documents and files of all kinds can be saved and archived in a structured and versioned manner without any additional effort.

Dorothea Heymann-Reder

Dorothea Heymann-Reder writes blog posts, advice articles and white papers. Her specialist articles deal with commercial and business issues as well as the entire spectrum of digitization.

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