Who was the first Jinchuuriki cage


Naruto, Sakura and Sai have just come out of their hiding place, and Orochimaru is already starting his usual games. He says that he and Naruto should fight each other so that he can tell him whether he is stronger than Sasuke or not. But of course he should only do that if he is able to. Naruto is furious and tells Orochimaru that he should give Sasuke back on the spot. Shortly afterwards the Kyubi's chakra seeps through again and the fox robe surrounds Naruto. Sakura and Sai, who are both experiencing this transformation for the first time, look astonished and shocked at Naruto when they noticed the rapid rise of his chakra. Logically, this does not go unnoticed for Yamato either and he remembers Jiraiya's words when he showed him, Kakashi and Tsunade the injury that Naruto inflicted on him as a four-tailed man.

Jiraiya explained at the time that it is Naruto's anger that triggers the transformation. The angrier he is, the faster the fox robe would take shape and the faster more tails would emerge. He also explained that while it looks like the fox robe will protect Naruto from harm, it actually hurts him badly. On the fourth tail, Naruto was bleeding profusely; Although the chakra also healed him after the fox robe was taken off, if he has to go through such processes more often, his life span is reduced, because his body cannot endure such a thing. That's why Tsunade also thinks that this is the reason why Yamato of all people was chosen as team leader and not someone Sakura and Naruto know. Because Yamato has the DNA of the first Hokage and is therefore the only one who has even the slightest chance to control a Jinchuuriki. Jiraiya also says that it is a lucky coincidence that Naruto wears the collar of the first Hokage as he did before, because it can also suppress the bijuu in him.

Back in the action, Naruto has meanwhile attacked Orochimaru with his claws and hurled him into the forest. Kabuto then tells Naruto that he has already improved his strength as Jinchuuriki a lot and that his strength is still increasing with every second. At Kabuto's words, Sakura remembers what Chiyo once said, namely that a Jinchuuriki who has the bijuu under control receives incredible powers. Sakura, however, cannot believe that the Naruto standing in front of her is still the same Naruto with whom she had been talking a few moments ago. But before she can say anything, Orochimaru emerges from the forest again and walks slowly towards the bridge, with his head bowed. Naruto keeps staring at him, but makes no further attempt to attack. Meanwhile, Kabuto seems to know more than the others, because he has a devious grin on his face. When Orochimaru reaches the bridge, he lifts his head, revealing the true face of his current body. Not only Naruto, but also Sakura and Yamato are shocked.

Orochimaru then says that Naruto has now really become a real Jinchuuriki. He asks Yamato, whom he calls a laboratory rat, if he doesn't agree with him. Kabuto is puzzled and wants to know why Orochimaru calls Yamato a laboratory rat. Orochimaru then touches the place where his mask was destroyed. He thinks it's an old story, from the time they lived in Konoha. He begins to tell that there is only one man in the history of the ninja world who has ever been able to use Mokuton techniques and control Bijuu as if they were pets, and that was the first Hokage. But Orochimaru wanted that power to himself, so he stole some DNA samples from the grave of the first Hokage and planted sixty children. Their bodies, however, did not tolerate the foreign DNA and they all died, one after the other. When Orochimaru was about to make all evidence disappear, his laboratory was discovered and with it all of his illegal experiments on humans. So he was forced to leave Konoha and had to give up his laboratory.

During his narration, Orochimaru has repaired his mask and takes his hand off his face. He admits that he seriously thought that all sixty children died in his attempts and that he never thought that any of them might have survived. Sakura looks at Yamato in disbelief before realizing why Yamato was able to create the huge cage shortly after she left Konoha. If Yamato has the genes of the first Hokage in his body, that explains his knowledge of the mokuton. But Sakura doesn't have much time to think about her new knowledge, because Orochimaru is again playing his little games with Naruto. He says that he would like to find out how strong his Sasuke has become by pitting him against Naruto. Naruto only gets angrier with this statement, so that the second and third tails emerge at the same time and at breakneck speed. He says that Sasuke definitely doesn't belong to him and makes it clear to him that he shouldn't talk about Sasuke as if one were a toy that belongs to him.

Naruto's anger has grown so great that he no longer worries about the safety of his friends. His chakra whirls around and loosens parts of the bridge that are thrown through the area. Orochimaru is impressed, while Yamato is more concerned as the fourth tail begins to materialize. Naruto's chakra is now so strong that Sai is knocked back a few meters from it. He also notices that the wind is burning on his skin. The wind is already strong enough to almost uproot the trees in the area. Orochimaru, however, stands calmly in front of Naruto and looks steadfastly into his eyes. Through this eye contact, Orochimaru somehow gets into Naruto's mind and faces the Kyubi, who stares angrily at him. Orochimaru's gaze darkens, but he does not attack, nor does he say anything. But suddenly the Kyuubi lets out a bloodcurdling scream that banishes Orochimaru from Naruto's mind. It is this one that brings up such a huge chakra that the bridge can no longer withstand it.

Orochimaru is impressed and expresses this loudly, while suddenly the entire chakra, which had been whirling around before, penetrates again into Naruto's body. Yamato now realizes the power of the three-tailed fox robe, while Sakura is completely frightened. She says that just judging by how the chakra feels that no one can control this incredible power. Sai, on the other hand, remains calm as usual, but realizes that this Narutos is ... no, the power of Kyuubi. Naruto then lets out a scream that freezes the blood in everyone's veins not only with his own voice, but also with the voice of Kyuubi ...