What is Volume 30 Amex's Salary


Unfair, unprofessional dandruff that burns you out completely and then throws you away

Executive / ManagementAt the time of the assessment, was working in the Marketing / Product Management department at American Express in Frankfurt / Main.

I think it's good about the employer

In a few good Teqms you are lucky and there is real solidarity

I think it's bad about the employer

No chance of getting any further. Weak leaders who do not manage blenders, bullshitters, etc., distribute the work unfairly in the team, never address or resolve conflicts, do not make local decisions

Suggestions for improvement

Manage blenders, bullsh * tter, etc. better, distribute work fairly in the team, address and resolve conflicts, sometimes decide something locally

Working atmosphere

Hitting, stabbing, biting. You get burned out and dropped, credits are not awarded to the top performers, but to the loud favorites.


Internally good, customers and contractual partners rightly find us too expensive, no international processes

Work-life balance

Work from home came from New York, the conservative management would never have allowed it. WFH with a thousand calls, trainings, team meetings - 80% is admin, but everything should be worked on so that 80% are added

Career / further education

Neither nor

Salary / social benefits

Salaries are negotiated once, after which hardly any changes are possible, unless you are promoted

Cohesion of colleagues

In some teams you suffer together and therefore grow closer together, but the whole thing falls over again immediately

Dealing with older colleagues

They are expensive and have to go

Managerial behavior

Person-dependent, but in the upper levels conflict-shy, difficult employees are not managed, which affects the team atmosphere

working conditions

WFH forced, everyone has to leave the office quickly, but no support for a good setup at home (chair, monitor, headset)


Foreign word for this company. Communication is selective, wildly confused and never in meaningful structures, even within teams and in projects.

equal rights

Great on paper. In reality, you make yourself big by promoting women instead of promoting women. Women are chalked for what men are celebrated for. Employees with roots in other cultures or countries can be counted on 2 hands, disappointing with 450+ employees

Interesting tasks

Everything is given centrally, local ideas are not heard, no leeway. Nothing is done in-house, everything goes to service providers and agencies.

Environmental / social awareness