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Favorite pictures or a DIY book for your personal photos ♥

Favorite pictures- DIY projects with photos

As with everyone else who loves photography, especially in the age of cell phone photography;)), there is countless photo material slumbering on my hard drive. Most of the time it ekes out its existence there, some photos make it onto the blog, sometimes even on the wall. In addition, the monthly changing picture on the shelf should of course be mentioned…. ♥ But the real wow factor is missing. This is exactly where dear Ina from Ynas Design Blog comes in. She has published her first book, which I am proud to present to you today. Favorite pictures DIY projects with photos (published by the main publisher) is a great DIY book, filled with lots of ideas and tips for everything to do with photos ... Whether with fabric, paper, concrete or wood, the materials for image transfer or for handicrafts with photos are almost unlimited. Whether you are looking for ideas for gifts, for decoration or simply for wall design, you are guaranteed to find it here! All projects are easy to imitate and wonderfully explained in step-by-step instructions, of course with Ina's great pictures.

I was particularly inspired by the ideas for image transfer ♥ I have been interested in this area for a long time, but how it always is, sometimes the time is missing, sometimes the desire, then the required materials are not at hand, you probably know that too 😉 Mine Choice was made, you can probably guess it ... on wood.

Wood picture DIY


You need to:

a solid wood panel
Photo as a laser print on paper that is as thin as possible (mirror-inverted)

Photo transfer Potch

I took two wooden pads… .. one of the size of the photo I left natural, the other, a little larger, I flamed and brushed, so it aged artificially…. if you don't know it, just look  here (click).
It is important that you have your photo on a Laser printer! print out, because only then does the color not penetrate the paper and can be easily transferred.

The image side of the photo and the wooden plate are generously brushed with the transfer medium, put both on top of one another and best smoothed out the photo with a squeegee. Then everything is left to dry overnight. The next day, moisten the paper well with water and carefully rub it off with your fingers. I also didn't think it was bad that the wood was a bit uneven in some places and the photo was not transferred so well at this point…. or that every now and then you not only rub off the paper, but also the transferred photo…. the imperfect is what makes the charm!

In the end I didn't paint the whole picture, but treated it with wood oil. If there is still a slight white haze over the picture because the paper has not yet been completely rubbed off, do not worry, it will disappear completely with the oil!

The photo motif is certainly easier to see on the light, untreated wood than on the dark one, where the wood grain stands out too much… .. although I even like the darker one better…. But not for the man of the heart at all, that's too shabby for him;)) and so now both Easter pictures are leaning slightly on top of each other on my shelf above the dining table. But they both do really well there, I think ♥

The blog tour and raffle

Finally, I have good news for you! The main publisher is giving away a raffle as part of a blog tour here 10 copies of Ina's book. Have a look at the other tour girls ♥ You can find the dates above or just click on the links below.

Tue, March 28th RAUMiDEEN
Thursday, March 30th mxliving
Tue, April 4th Mammilade
Thu April 6th Blick7
Thu, April 13th, sensual intoxication
Tue, April 18, CreativLIVE
Thursday, April 20, Hamburg from the inside
Tue, April 25 fim.works
Thursday, April 27th franse l (i) ebt meer

Have a great day…. Are you already busy with Easter preparations or are you still completely relaxed? I should at least make a plan, because we have a full house again for Easter brunch 🙂 Express yourself ♥♥♥