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Knusperone - White Wheaties


Has White Wheaties from the manufacturer Knusperone 355 kcal (calories / kilocalories) on 100g. This corresponds to a calorific value of 1501 kJ (KiloJoule). The product is assigned to the food group cereal product, muesli.

The nutritional values ​​come to 100g 11g protein, 68g of carbohydrates and 1.9g fat. Of the 68g of carbohydrates, 18g are sugar. The 1.9 g of fat are 0.4 g of saturated fatty acids, which are more stable than the unsaturated fats.

Salt has a proportion of 0.01g per 100g, which corresponds to 0.004g sodium. The fiber content is 11g.

The nutritional traffic light helps to classify the food more easily based on the nutritional values. According to the nutritional traffic light, the food is in the low range with 1.9g fat. The allocation of saturated fatty acids falls into the green area with 0.4g, which stands for a low proportion. At 18g, the sugar content of White Wheaties is high according to the guideline values ​​of the nutritional traffic light. The proportion of salt is low.

Typical quantities and portions are packs of 600g and portions of 50g.

The EAN of the product is 22148506. Knusperone is a house brand (label) from ALDI Süd. Therefore, you can only buy this product from ALDI Süd.

No other varieties or flavors are known for White Wheaties.

The manufacturer Knusperone has entered a total of 12 foods with data on the nutritional values.

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