What is Bachelor of Science in Management

The internship must have economic or legal relevance and be completed while you are enrolled because it serves to apply the knowledge acquired during the course. In addition, parts of the internship must be at least two weeks long. In addition, there are no restrictions; in particular, an internship is also possible part-time and in internship positions with almost any orientation, as long as your work content is economically / legally oriented. Activities in student associations are against it Not can be counted as an internship.

Proof of the internship must be submitted to the Central Examination Office: the duration and economic relevance must be proven. The easiest way to prove the duration is by means of a job reference, or alternatively by means of a determination of the duration confirmed by the employer. There is no form from the university for this, the certificate is informal. The economic / legal reference is usually also evident from the job reference. In addition, the internship report serves to establish the economic / legal reference. The internship report should be about two pages long, but just under two pages are also completely sufficient if the economic / legal reference is already clear.

A study visit to a foreign university can also be credited as an internship, which does not limit the possibility of having examinations taken into account in addition.