How do you massage your own head

Instructions for the perfect neck massage

Massage techniques for the neck area

Once you have found your common massage position, the neck massage can begin. Rub some massage oil in your - ideally warm - hands and place them on your partner's shoulders. Only the thumb rests on the neck. There are long and easy movements that you now do with them. As you massage your neck, either let them circle or draw extensive lines on the skin of the person you're talking to. The direction of the massage should always go towards the heart so that the venous blood can flow out better.

By rubbing your fingers on the skin of your massage partner, you warm up his muscles and ensure better blood circulation. This will protect your muscles and ensure that the neck massage is a complete pleasure. After the warm-up phase, you have several options to deepen the massage:

  • Use your thumbs to knead the tense muscles.
  • Slide your fingertips along the back of your neck, drumming the muscles every now and then.
  • Press the back of the neck with your thumb while your other fingers apply counter pressure.
  • Walk your palms along your neck and shoulders.
  • Draw circular movements on the shoulder blades with your index and middle fingers.
  • Massage the upper arms and the muscles that surround the collarbone using all your fingers.